Advice 1: How to relieve chest pain

Breast soreness and pain in the breast is common for some women. Cyclic pain – mastalgia, usually before menstruation, and goes away by itself without treatment. So how do you ease the pain in your chest?
How to relieve chest pain
Daily breast massage will greatly alleviate the pain due to active blood circulation. Perform the massage as follows: widely rastopyrte fingers and Cup your palms over your Breasts so that the nipples rested in the center of the arm. Then gently squeeze and do this with your fingers, massage the breast in a circular motion of the palms.
Cyclical breast pain will diminish and then disappear altogether after daily administration of evening primrose oil for three months. Take only the minimum dose specified in the instruction. In any case, do not use evening primrose oil if you are pregnant or intend to conceive, this drug can contribute to miscarriage.
To reduce cyclical breast pain is a good hormonal birth control pills. But before taking oral contraceptives, consult your gynecologist who will give you advice and prescribe a certain drug.
Effective remedy against chest pain before menstrual cycle – magnesium preparations, which are recommended to start taking from the second half of the menstrual cycle. Magnesium not only prevents pain in your chest, but also facilitates other unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
Suppress breast pain by using pain-relieving drugs, sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Among such drugs include "Acetaminophen", "Ibuprofen" or "Naproxen". Taking the medicine follow the instructions and the exact dosage. In intense pain, your doctor may prescribe special drugs used for the treatment of mammary glands – "Bromocriptine", "Danazol" and "Tamoxifen".
Every day take 400 milligrams of vitamin E, after four to six weeks you will feel significant relief before the onset of menses. You can drink vitamin complex, after consultation with the attending physician.
With strong and frequent pains in the chest be sure to consult a physician and pass all required examinations.
Useful advice
Wear comfortable bra that does not press on the chest. To protect yourself from chest pain, stop taking coffee and reduce fat intake.

Advice 2 : How to treat chest pain

Chest pain can occur for a variety of reasons. This is mainly heart disease and diseases related to the lungs. In some cases, chest pain can be provoked by slight malaise, associated with excessive coffee consumption, digestive problems, anxiety attack or hyperventilation of the lungs.
How to treat chest pain
Depending on the cause of the pain can be applied a treatment.

How to treat lung disease

If we are talking about lung disease, the chest pain will be accompanied with cold, cough, Allergy, flu, or in more serious cases, asthma, pneumonia and emphysema.

It is important to identify stimuli that provoke pain. This can be, for example, cigarette smoke or pollen.

In the case of lung ailments, the immune system of the body itself will try to fight the infection. The best treatment in this case would be to stay in bed, drink plenty of water and hot drinks such as herbal tea. Inhaling hot steam also helps to defeat the infection and kill harmful bacteria. Antibiotics and painkillers, such as paracetamol, can also be very useful.

Complications is assigned to the x-ray, blood and mucous, and in some cases hospitalization. The elderly and those suffering from chronic lung disease, it is recommended that every year at the beginning of the winter season to get a flu shot.

In medicine, anciently used herbal medications. Chamomile and Astragalus support the work of the lungs, Airways and immune system.

It is also recommended to avoid very high and very low temperatures, to limit the consumption of alcohol and Smoking.

How to treat heart disease

The chest pain can be a symptom of heart attack. This applies especially to a sharp, prolonged pain. If the pain is severe, unexpected and is not terminated, the best solution is to call an ambulance.

If you know that you have a weak heart, to prevent heart attack is easier than to treat it.

Prevention of heart diseases includes eating healthy foods and exercise that must be performed every day for at least 30-45 minutes. Avoid stress and keep calm, whatever happens. Get more fresh air, perform breathing exercises. Drink herbal tea.

If chest pain frequently, you need to visit the doctor. When it comes to heart disease, depending on the complexity of the disease the doctor may prescribe a treatment. It can be medication, such as nitroglycerin, blood thinners and relaxing the arteries medications, catheterization to expand the narrowing of the arteries, surgery.

Treatment of chest pain with broken ribs, pulled muscles and ligaments

If there is a rib fracture, muscle strain or ligaments, it is recommended to rest. It is important to immobilize and protect the damaged area of the body.

Apply ice to the affected area. It will ease the pain and prevent the appearance of the tumor. Apply ice for 10-20 minutes three times a day. After 48-72 hours, if swelling has not appeared or reduced, apply to the affected area warm.

Not contracted chest, in order to support it. Breathing becomes superficial and stifled, which can lead to lung disease.
Sore muscles can be cured with special creams.

Mild stretching and massage will help to recover faster. Stretch as long as you feel comfortable. Stop and hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. You can repeat the exercise 3-4 times a day.

Do not immediately return to normal activities. If pain occurs, therefore, need more rest.

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