Advice 1: How to relieve chest pain

Breast soreness and pain in the breast is common for some women. Cyclic pain – mastalgia, usually before menstruation, and goes away by itself without treatment. So how do you ease the pain in your chest?
How to relieve chest pain
Daily breast massage will greatly alleviate the pain due to active blood circulation. Perform the massage as follows: widely rastopyrte fingers and Cup your palms over your Breasts so that the nipples rested in the center of the arm. Then gently squeeze and do this with your fingers, massage the breast in a circular motion of the palms.
Cyclical breast pain will diminish and then disappear altogether after daily administration of evening primrose oil for three months. Take only the minimum dose specified in the instruction. In any case, do not use evening primrose oil if you are pregnant or intend to conceive, this drug can contribute to miscarriage.
To reduce cyclical breast pain is a good hormonal birth control pills. But before taking oral contraceptives, consult your gynecologist who will give you advice and prescribe a certain drug.
Effective remedy against chest pain before menstrual cycle – magnesium preparations, which are recommended to start taking from the second half of the menstrual cycle. Magnesium not only prevents pain in your chest, but also facilitates other unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
Suppress breast pain by using pain-relieving drugs, sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Among such drugs include "Acetaminophen", "Ibuprofen" or "Naproxen". Taking the medicine follow the instructions and the exact dosage. In intense pain, your doctor may prescribe special drugs used for the treatment of mammary glands – "Bromocriptine", "Danazol" and "Tamoxifen".
Every day take 400 milligrams of vitamin E, after four to six weeks you will feel significant relief before the onset of menses. You can drink vitamin complex, after consultation with the attending physician.
With strong and frequent pains in the chest be sure to consult a physician and pass all required examinations.
Useful advice
Wear comfortable bra that does not press on the chest. To protect yourself from chest pain, stop taking coffee and reduce fat intake.

Advice 2: Why sore nipples

Nipples may hurt both women and men. Such pain is unpleasant and brings a lot of inconvenience. Having had such a symptom, you should contact the endocrinologist or mammalogy, which will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
Why sore nipples

Why sore nipples in women

Nipples - one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Often pain in this area can be caused by menstrual cycle, as well as taking any antidepressants or hormonal drugs. In addition, the cause of pain in the nipples may be a cyst in the mammary glands or breast.

Discomfort in this area can occur during PMS, menstruation, pregnancy, in the process of feeding the chestYu. In these cases, some women's nipples grow and swell. The sensitivity is also increased, which can cause discomfort and pain.

The breastfeeding pain in nipple can appear for the following reasons:
- wearing synthetic underwear;
- dryness, injury or irritation of the outer part of the breast;
- incorrect position of the mother and the child during feeding;
incorrect sucking by the baby milk;
- improper (abrupt) stopping the feeding process.

Nipples can hurt for other reasons - for example, due to wearing an uncomfortable bra, high sensitivity outer part of the mammary glands, puberty, pregnancy, washing, chlorinated water, wipe hard with a towel etc.

Pain in the nipples in women may occur due to various diseases, such as mastitis or mastitis. If you also observed discharge from the nipple, it may indicate the presence of breast tumors. However, you should not panic ahead of time, only a specialist will be able to pinpoint the cause and prescribe you treatment.

Why sore nipples in men

If the body is disturbed hormonal balance, this can lead to pain and increase the nipple. To find out whether this so, consult to the doctor-endocrinologist who will prescribe tests for hormones.

The most common cause of such unpleasant sensations in the nipples of men is gynecomastia. To increase and may be sick as two nipple and one.

Gynecomastia can be true or false. In the first case, the mammary glands get sick and substantially increase due to the proliferation of connective tissue and ducts. It can occur due to hormonal disturbances or as a result of hereditary predisposition.

If such a problem appeared during adolescence, it can pass by itself. At about gynecomastia nipples increased by the deposition of adipose tissue in the chest area, they usually do not get sick.

Another possible cause of nipple pain with breast cancer. This disease can appear in both men and women. Symptoms men differ in their specificity.

Advice 3: What to replace "Tamoxifen"

Drug "Tamoxifen" is the anticancer drug. It blocks the estrogen receptors and inhibits the development of cancer. In pharmacy chains offer similar to "Tamoxifen" as "Bill", "Statnum", "Novopen", "Tamoxen", etc.
What to replace "Tamoxifen"
"Tamoxifen" is prescribed to patients diagnosed with cancer breast during menopause in women and after castration in men, and also revealed a cancerous disease of the kidneys,ovaries, prostate and melanoma. The drug included in the list of vital and essential medicines. Side effects cause tides blood to a person, hypercalcemia and tenderness of the tumor. At this stage, research is conducted at the resolution of taking "Tamoxifen" women who are at risk of developing breast cancer. The required dosage is determined individually and depends on the condition of the patient, his complaints and the scheme used in cancer treatment.
Analogous to the "Tamoxifen" is the drug "Bill". Assigned to malignant tumors in breast and uterus, as well as with female infertility, as anti-estrogen remedy. Before treatment, women should undergo a thorough examination by a gynecologist and a therapist. The "bill" of ovulation and increases the risk of pregnancy. Therefore, female patients of reproductive age must use reliable non-hormonal methods of contraception. Also during treatment necessary to monitor liver function tests and blood clotting, General blood picture.
"Titatanium" is used for tumors in the endometrium, breast, kidney and melanoma of the skin. In addition to the active substance tamoxifen, the ingredients are povidone, magnesium stearate, potato starch, lactose, and glikolat. The dosage prescribed by your doctor. The standard dose 20 mg one to two times a day. The drug should be taken orally without chewing and drinking water. During the reception, "Titatanium" need to be checked regularly by a gynecologist. With the appearance of thrombosis in the legs, heavy bleeding and shortness of breath should stop taking the drug.
The following analog of the "Tamoxifen" is "Novopen". It, in addition to endometrium cancer and breast cancer, even when administered oligospermia, soft tissue sarcoma, and tumors of the pituitary gland. Contraindicated in pregnancy and thrombophlebitis. "Novopen" often causes side effects: anorexia, vomiting, nausea, skin rash, thrombosis, high temperature. The drug is successfully used in combination with progestins. During treatment necessary to monitor calcium levels, the number of platelets and white blood cells. Substitutes for "Q" are also drugs "Tamoxen", "Nolvadex" and "Vero-Tamoxifen".

Advice 4: As a woman without pills to relieve periodic pain in the abdomen

Is that the next menstrual cycle is accompanied by severe drawing pains in the abdomen. It's very frustrating, but do not rush to swallow pills "at random". In this case, there are many ways to relieve suffering.
As a woman without pills to relieve periodic pain in the abdomen

Why is there pain during menstruation

When a woman stomach pain before or during menstruation, she feels like the whole world stopped. However, this pain, too, is different in its intensity. Quite tolerant of sharp pains in which you can go to work, to the unconscious state and the failure of the lower extremities.

Clearly that any type of pain or cramps during menstruation – an unnatural state and, in the first place, indicates the presence of any inflammation or pathology. Menstruation is a natural process, it should not cause too severe discomfort.

So if you have long been concerned about such pain or it started recently, you first consult your gynecologist and get tested for the presence of disease or any pathology.


Generally, painful periods can be divided into two stages. When girls from the very beginning they were accompanied by spasms and colic. This is the primary stage. Or secondary stage, when women after 30 years there are recurrent pain as a result of infections of urinary system, surgery, after pregnancy and childbirth.

At the same time, there are cases when the primary stage was stopped after the birth of the female child, since the uterus is the better reduced. However, if the pain does not cease, but rather intensify or if the woman is unable to conceive, and premenstrual period, like the menses, is accompanied by a number of specific symptoms should immediately be examined not only from your gynecologist, but also by other specialists: gastroenterologist, neurologist, osteopath and therapist.

How to relieve pain when menstruation without painkillers?

The simplest and most effective way to get rid of abdominal pain during menses may be a process of complacency. Get rid of stress, try to calm down, to relax. Think about what you would be good to do or eat and make plans.

Scientists have already proved that the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol during menstruation has a negative impact on the menstrual cycle, as it reduces the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, and the blood loses its viscosity. In addition, bad habits are much more harmful effect on the female body than the male, causing early menopause, aging skin, the risk of cancer. Refuse from nicotine and alcohol at least for the period of menstruation.

Avoid hypothermia, excessive physical activity and eat right. Everything should be in moderation. Drink plenty of fluids and can afford a small chocolate bar because it has "anti-stress" effect.

For very severe pain, the type in a plastic bottle with hot water, put her on her stomach and press up to his chest. So lie down for about 15 minutes. Hot heating pad will increase blood flow and relieve tension and spasm.

Drink herbal tea with lemon balm, chamomile and other flowers. It would benefit women's health. It is important to fully sleep for 8-10 hours and to observe the regime of rest and work.

Advice 5: Teething in children: what to do

One of the reasons for the crying of a small child – the pain of prorezalsya teeth. Some kids can easily survive this process, while others suffer greatly. If your child's teeth is very painful, it is necessary to find a way to alleviate his condition.

Massage gums

During growth of teeth your baby's gums itchy. The baby pulls everything in his mouth and tries to chew. To carry out the massage of gums in different ways. First, you can give the baby a crouton or drying. In this case, care must be taken that the child does not bite off a big piece and choked.

Secondly, on the shelves of children's shops is now a lot of different teethers. In most cases they are made of silicone of different density or similar materials and have the relief. Sometimes there are soft toys, some of which is made in the form of teethers (for example, pens rabbit can be specifically designed to massage the gums of the baby). Some teethers are filled with fluid. These can cool in the refrigerator or under running cool water and then give to baby to chew. As you know, the cold eases the pain. Teether should be comfortable for the little hands of the baby and easily fit in his mouth (some models are too thick or massive).

It is not necessary to give the baby to chew on a pacifier or the nipple of the bottle. They can easily break sharp baby teeth. In this case, the nipple or a pacifier will throw in the discontinuities of the silicone and the rubber is starting to highlight unsafe substances.

Gels for teething

There are many types of anesthetic gels. Most of them are based on lidocain. These are the gel, as for example "Kalgel", "After" or "Holisal". They relieve pain in the gums when applied topically. Before using gels, be sure to read the instructions and contraindications. They act quickly enough. From the disadvantages include high cost, tolerance to lidocaine (it ceases to act in frequent use) and the risk of Allergy.

The cheaper option is the use of gels, plant-based (for example, a "Baby Doctor"). As in the case of the above, herbal preparation, you may receive an allergic reaction. For some kids, this gel will help, and some will have no effect. In this case, all individually.

Antipyretic and analgesic

In case of fever teething or pain relief can be used drugs such as "Panadol"or "Nurofen". They are available in the form of syrup or candles. It should be remembered that these drugs have a heavy load on the baby's liver, so they can't be used more than a few days. It is imperative to read the instructions before you give painkillers to the child. Each such drug has its own dose for a certain age of the baby and limit the amount of time it is possible to apply it.

To pain syrup or candles it is better to resort in extreme cases. For example, when severe pain the baby is not sleeping through the night.

Other ways to ease the pain of teething

There is a homeopathic remedy designed specifically for use in the period of teething, – "Vibracal". This candle is plant-based with complex action: analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The best effect of this drug gives, if applied within a few days.

To relieve inflammation of the gums, helps wash the baby's mouth chamomile extract or drink chamomile tea. Analgesic effect also has been sucking, so teething can often give the baby breast or bottle.

Each child will help a certain way to ease the pain of teething. There is no universal recipe. Young parents need to have patience in this difficult period and look for what will help their baby.

Advice 6: What to do when the pain in the heart

Pain in the heart cause fear, desire as quickly as possible to find out the cause of their appearance and eliminate discomfort. If you feel discomfort in the chest should immediately go to a cardiologist and get tested. But you need to know and how to act, if the pain appeared suddenly, and to medical care quickly is not possible.
What to do when the pain in the heart
Discomfort in the heart area is a symptom of the emergence and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The nature of pain can be identify the disease and try to alleviate their condition before seeking medical attention.

How to get rid of pain in your heart?

The pain of the heart can be disturbed in myocarditis, myocardial ischemia, pericarditis, acute myocardial infarction, mitral valve prolapse and other heart diseases. Unpleasant sensations are of a different nature: crushing, stabbing, sharp, aching, burning or dull.

To relieve pain, you need to calm down and take a comfortable position. Doctors advise to provide access to fresh air, loosen tight clothing and adopt a comfortable sitting position. If cardiac pain appeared after nervous tension, you need to take Valerian.

To get rid of an attack of angina you can use the fresh air and Nitroglycerin. If the pain caused high blood pressure, it is necessary to normalize the state with the help of special drugs, for example, "Corinfar". Help during an attack can have "Sorbitol", "Sustac Forte", "Dithranol", "Arenit" but these drugs only after 10 minutes after ingestion.

Pain in myocardial infarction

Sharp, burning pain in the heart area – one of the symptoms of myocardial infarction. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance and while she goes, to try to alleviate the condition of the sick person: to put him and put my feet in hot water, under the tongue put "Validol" and provide complete rest. You can also use "Nitroglycerine", "korvalola" and "Valocordin".

What to do if cardiac pain first appeared?

If the pain first appeared, you don't know the cause and medicines that need to be taken, consider the following sequence of actions. First, don't panic, nervous tension may aggravate the situation. Secondly, just open your Cabinet and find one of the products: "sage", "Valokordin", "Validol". During a heart attack helps aspirin and analgin. Medicated sit down and relax. If the condition is not improving, you need to call an ambulance or immediately go to a cardiologist.

Heart pain in any case can not be tolerated, or to self-medicate. If they are unbearable and burning, urgent need to call an ambulance. Heart attack is a symptom of a serious disease of the cardiovascular system, which needs to be diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a specialist.
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