These include:

- use of oral contraceptives,

- hormonal therapy

- taking antidepressants,

- possible solutions to the problem surgically.

All of these methods against the ICP are assigned only to the attending physician. So how can we ease premenstrual syndrome without professional help?

It is proven that women who are passive and inactive lifestyle, wrong eating (sweets, fatty, salty), often expose themselves to the effects of PMS. Based on this, you should carefully analyze and adjust your daily diet and lifestyle.


- Increase physical stress on the body.

The sports doctor from stress and tension. Physical activity may manifest themselves as Hiking and exercising in the gym, swimming, aerobics and yoga. It will positively affect not only the emotional state but also on the shape. Systematic training active sport is not allowed to accumulate negative energy, you can forget about irritability and depression. It is sufficient to choose three days a week and to spend thirty to forty minutes. Do not forget the morning warm-up (ten to fifteen minutes).

- To adjust the power system.

Limit your consumption of coffee, tea, Cola. A surplus of these products can aggravate irritability, insomnia, to increase sensitivity of mammary glands, upset stomach and intestines. To be extremely careful to foods with a high content of salt, because it retains fluid in the body. In the end the body swells, possible migraines and weight gain. Sweet, try dark chocolate, it is better to avoid (increases depression). Replace "light" carbohydrates are such foods as cereals, wholegrain bread, potatoes (in small amounts is even useful because it secretes serotonin, which normalizes the emotional background).

-Such remedies for dealing with stress, like yoga, relaxation, practice breathing exercises, stabilizes hormonal balance and generally keep the peace and balance. Try to worry less, and fill yourself and others with positive emotions.

The main thing in all these recommendations is a systematic. The result will not come at once. Tune in to work on yourself in General. Don't let setbacks knock You off your wing.