Today, the use of any physiotherapy, including massage, in treatment of mastitis is considered to be quite risky. This is due to the fact that the existing benign tumor of the mammary gland (the breast) has increased risk of degeneration into malignant under the influence of different physiotherapy techniques. Massage therapy can be administered exclusively by highly qualified breast in combination with other therapies that are tailored to metabolic and hormonal features of women's organism with a diagnosis of mastopathy.
However, there is another side of the issue. Massage is the most affordable, simple and quite effective method of diagnosing the occurrence of any neoplasms in the breast. In developed European countries such diagnostic procedure, involving palpation of the mammary glands, is widely distributed and is considered a necessary part of self-control over the health of the woman. Techniques such massage is taught in many clinics and antenatal clinics.
Massage for mastitis should begin with stroking the chest rhythmic sliding movements to be performed easily and gently. Then made a more vigorous rubbing in a circular motion using the tips of your fingers you can also move the skin of the breast with the palm forward and backward. To warm up the massaged area, apply a zig-zag movements-rubbing, which expand blood vessels and accelerate the healing of small dense Breasts.
To improve the blood circulation of lymph from tissue fluid in the chest should be to perform a moving surface kneading her skin, adding slight compression and stretching gentle tapping movements. Tapping the massaged area, not all fingers at once – one after the other. Complete therapeutic massage is recommended by the vibration, which is performed with your palm or fingertips – namely, rapid oscillatory movements of hands. This effect relaxes the blood vessels, freeing the internal ducts of lymph and blood.