Monthly is a recurring blood vaginal discharge in women. One of the first signs of the onset of menstruation are pain and swelling of the breast. In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, changing levels of progesterone and estrogen, which are responsible for changes in the lobules and the the excretory ducts of the mammary glands. Hormonal changes, that is, the amount of hormones and the balance between them have an impact on how a woman feels during this period. Minor chest pain before menstruation and during them is normal.

On the eve of ovulation, i.e. just a few days before menstruation, breast sensitivity is greatly increased. The epithelium in the ducts and lobules of the mammary glands become much more. To your chest getting all flushed, with the result that it expands and swells. This explains the breast pain before menstruation. If the female body is healthy, the hormonal balance is rapidly restored, and the discomfort will pass.

Pain in the Breasts before menstruation due to the fact that the mammary glands are preparing for a possible future pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ovulation takes place but the pregnancy does not occur - then formed the glandular tissue atrophies, and appear painful sensations in the breast. This is a natural process that is repeated in women of childbearing age (from the beginning to the end of menstruation).

In order to reduce pain the chest during this period, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt and products containing caffeine.

If breast swelling accompanied by severe pain, palpable minor seal, which disappear with the onset of menstruation, you should consult a specialist. Timely treatment can help prevent many serious diseases and development of pathological changes in breast tissue.