Mastitis — causes and symptoms

Causes of mastitis can is infection that got into the body through the formed cracks in the nipple. Hypothermia received chest injuries also contribute to the formation of the disease. Mastitis develops in the presence of tumors in the breast. But the most common cause of the disease is lactose.

Mastitis by the nature of the inflammatory process is divided into three stages: serous, purulent and infiltrative. When serous mastitis body temperature nursing mothers is increased to 38оС, you may experience pain in the head and breast. There is a weakness and chills. Infiltrative stage the patient's chest swells and increases in volume. The body temperature rises to 39оС. When purulent mastitis the skin on the source of the disease becomes tinged with red. There is a dryness in the mouth and in the human milk, you can see the pus.

Treatment of mastitis

Self-treatment is categorically impossible to do. The disease may worsen and become more severe. At the first sign of mastitis, you should consult a doctor. He, before to appoint treatment, writes out directions on tests: General blood test, breast ultrasound, inoculation of milk on sterility. But always, treatment should be given immediately without waiting for test results.

If the cause of mastitis was the lactose — a milk stasis, the doctor prescribes treatment without the use of antibiotics. For the treatment it is recommended to Express milk after each breastfeeding, often to make the baby to your breast, massage the breast and to drink the hormonal drugs which improve discharge and reduce its milk production.

When mastitis infectious nature antibiotics. Besides them, apply local pain relievers, physical therapy and hormones. You also need to Express milk.

If the mastitis has reached the purulent stage, the first three days use antibiotics. In the case of the offensive improvements, appointed by surgery. During the surgery, surgeons open the abscess, remove its contents, and antiseptic processes the cavity. After the surgery again prescribe a course of antibiotics.

To avoid mastitis should observe rules of personal hygiene, to choose the right lingerie for your breast to feed your baby on demand, to apply healing ointment after each feeding and monitor the correct position of the baby during breastfeeding.