If the store refuse to take back the phone or exchange it for the same, know you are being deliberately misled. Mobile phones to be exchanged or returned within the warranty period specified by the manufacturer.
Communicate with the seller in writing. Write a claim. Arrange it in two copies. The claim must be signed by the seller. Make sure to sign both copies. In addition, it must be seal, signature and date of receipt for consideration. Write the reason for return phoneand. Attach a copy of the receipt and the warranty card. Clearly specify what the result of the claim you expect. If you want to get back the money or exchange the phone? Think of it in advance. In any case, write in the claims the phrase "From any repair work refuse."
After your claim is signed, within 10 days, the seller shall conduct the examination of goods. All the costs of the examination borne by the shop, if it is confirmed the claimed defects. Bragging about his presence on the procedure. Phone keep up to the moment of the examination. If the process is delayed, know that every extra day of the examination is estimated at 1% of the cost of the phone.
After examination, the seller is obliged to return you money or exchange the phone for a new one. If you are pointed out in the claim that you refuse the repair work, then the phone can be repaired. At the time the seller is obliged to provide a replacement machine with the same set of features as sent in for repairs. Maximum recovery work can last no longer than 45 days. If at the expiry you have not received your unit, demand a refund or exchange the phone. After receiving the phone, ask mark about the repair and warranty extension for the corresponding period.
If the cell phone is purchased on credit, among other things, contact the Bank with the statement for termination of the contract of lending.
If all of the above has not led to the desired result, contact the court. Collect as much evidence of the violation of your rights. Demand not only a refund for the phone, but the payment of a penalty and compensation of moral harm. Attorney will increase your chances of winning.