You will need
  • Jeans, paper handkerchiefs, soap "Antipyatin", "FAE", petrol, raw potatoes, stale black bread, a tailor's chalk, brush, clothes, washing powder
The situation when your favorite jeans are ruined greasy spotm, is not pleasant. However, much to worry about it not worth it. There is a way out. A fat spot can be deduced. When breeding you should follow some rules, and pollution will disappear. Ways to remove oil stains from jeans there are several.The main rule in this case reads:"Hurry up!". The older the stain, the more difficult to pull. If the stain has just appeared, you should immediately take action. While fat is not ingrained in the fabric to help the jeans can be without consequences. "Ambulance" gives excellent results.
The easiest way of "emergency" - wet spot simple paper handkerchief. Of the fat absorbed, and a further task will be simplified.
The second method involves the use of synthetic detergents. "FAE" is not in vain is translated from English as "fairy". In this case, it is really a fairy, and kind. Magic, FAE, poured in a small amount on the stain and left for half an hour, eliminate it without a trace.
Lather washing substance is not necessary, let it lie on the oily contamination with a thin layer. So soon you will see the results. Both fresh and old the stain will disappear without injuring the color of the denim. Fresh, of course, faster.
The second method is more suitable for motorists. "Gasoline will help us!", we can say, to paraphrase the famous character. A few ml of the substance to cope with spotm quickly and efficiently. Moreover, not leaving a white stain on my jeans, which is important. Petrol should be left on the fabric for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Moreover, immediately after this you must place the jeans in the wash. Mode need to choose from extra rinse, because gasoline is combustible.
Third method - use of soap "Antipyatin". This type of soap to cope with fatty stains on all types of fabrics. Lather should be slick and try to wash it out. Then lather again and leave for 20 minutes for best results. Then you need to wash jeans in the usual way. The result really will be unbeatable. Soap completely fulfills its function in the removal of oily stains.
For opponents any kind of chemistry and fans of the substances of vegetable origin, it is quite suitable the following method. The pulp of raw potato can replace synthetic media. You should put a thick layer on the stain and leave for half an hour. Then to clean. It is necessary to clean the jeans with a crust of stale bread, without leaving a trace of the potatoes.
There is still an old tailor's method. You need to turn the jeans inside out and sprinkle them with powder tailors chalk. Mel must leave the tissue for 30-40 min. Then clean off with a brush. This procedure should be repeated several times. Generally, stains do not resist the treatment.
All of these methods are intended to address spot fat, causing harm to the color of denim.