Find a receipt confirming the purchase. Return the phone mozsgó without it, but it will be proof of the reality and the legality of your claims. If the check you got, find someone who will be ready to confirm your purchase. The presence of such a witness will help you in the event of a dispute, if the store does not want to admit that the product was purchased from them.
Bring a receipt and original packaging of the product and the phone itself. Come with these things in the store where the phone was purchased. Explain to the seller what you want. You have the right to request both the payment of money in return neponravivshiysya product or replace it on another machine with a payment you or the store the difference in cost. In this case, from the date of purchase shall not exceed fourteen days.
If the seller refuses to fulfill your desire, contact the user Manager or the store Manager. It is possible that they are much more loyal attitude to the buyer than Junior staff.
The failure of all store employees-cooperation, please contact consumer protection. There you will be able to give advice and lawyers will help you to write a complaint to the regulatory organization.
Sue if any other way to solve the problem fails. To do this, make a claim, preferably with the assistance of a lawyer. Keep in mind that litigation can be a long and expensive undertaking. So consider whether or not to spend time on it, even if your chances of winning is high.