You will need
  • — passport;
  • — a receipt for goods;
  • — application for replacement or return of goods;
  • — claim in duplicate.
There is a list of the items, which are not subject to the requirement of the buyer about the refund or replacement. You will not be able to exchange or refund in case of defects, automobiles, books, personal hygiene products, cosmetics and household chemicals, medicines, household appliances and electronics. The full list is specified in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 № 55. These categories are commoditys subject to replacement only in the case of detection of defects during the warranty repair or within 15 days after purchase.
All other products that are not included in the above list, you can take back to the store or exchanged for others. On this you have 14 days. To exchange the itemand show the purchase receipt, directly to the goods, your passport. This should be saved in the factory packaging and appearance. Should be free of defects and traces of use. In the case of their presence, the seller can refuse to refund.
If you think that the law is on your side, and the seller refuses to exchange or refund the productand you can make your claim in writing. Write it in 2 copies, one of them a store employee obliged to put a mark of acceptance. If you refuse to accept the claim, you may send it by registered letter to the address of the organization. Not to be confused with the address of the store, because the organization can be registered in another place. Within 10 days the store is obliged to respond to you. In the case of a negative decision you can appeal to court.