You will need
  • access to cold water, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, gauze, antiseptic ointment, a topical antibiotic cream
Blood can go through mechanical injuries of the soft tissues of the head. Most often it is obtained when a strong injury. Both sharp and blunt objects. Another reason can be cut. So try to prevent injury. Get in the habit to take care of safety and health.
If the injury has already occurred, assess its scale and the level of threat to life. A healthy person without prejudice to the state may lose 10-15 % of the total volume of blood. With a weight of 60 kg is approximately 500 ml But even in mild bleeding risk is not worth it.
There are two types of aid when you stop the blood. This is a temporary and final. The second means a complete stop of the blood that often occurs only with the intervention of doctors. Temporary same ways before the ambulance available to everyone.
Immobilise the victim. If the blood is coming from you, try not to move too much. Any load will cause pressure rise, and thus increase the bleeding.
To the extent possible, clean the bleeding wound. Remove dirt and foreign objects. For example, glass shards or pebbles. Do it as calmly and carefully. In the case of a severe head injury and deep wounds anything alone it does not touch.
Rinse the wound under cold running water. The cold makes blood vessels constrict, which is beneficial to stop bleeding. If you do uncomfortable, then DAB the wound with a cloth soaked in water or in solution, perekisi hydrogen. Effective use of ointments with antibiotics and ointments with preservatives. Lean forward and tilt your head down in the processing of RAS is not recommended.
If the wound is washed and removed from it all alien, hug her a piece of gauze, or any other cotton fabric. Pressing lightly, hold it for 2 minutes. Then release and check the condition of the wound. If the bleeding stops, continue the pressure. It can take up to 10 minutes. Then cover the wound with a pressure bandage and consult a doctor.
Depending on the location of bleeding in the head or neck, apply a method of thumb pressing. One or more fingers press the carotid artery to the carotid tubercle. Carotid artery located in the neck.
When blood loss in fronto-temporal lobes, push the temporal artery to the temporal bone. Your fingers will be located in front of the ear.
External maxillary artery is pressed against the lower edge of the mandible.
If necessary, repeat washing with cold water to stop the blood. Don't forget to have bandaged the wound to ice. This will not only narrow the blood vessels and reduce pain sensitivity.
After the initial spot of blood on the head is important to consult a doctor for further treatment of injuries.