If your dog just scratched at the walk, then the wound should be washed by any disinfectant (3% hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine solution), and then brush the edges with iodine or green paint.
If the wound is deeper, then the blood will help the hydrogen peroxide. Flush her wound, and then apply on the affected area compression bandage. To promote healing after stopping the bleeding on a wound, you can apply an antibacterial ointment ("Levomekol" or Vishnevsky ointment).
If the bleeding is very strong, then you should stop it as soon as possible. If the wound is on a limb, a paw it is necessary to use a tourniquet. Summer is not more than 1.5 hours, in winter not more than thirty minutes. If the wound is on the body, it is necessary to apply a tight pressure bandage (improvised perfect female sanitary napkin) and as soon as possible to deliver the animal to a veterinary clinic.
If the wound has foreign objects, you must delete them. For this vestigate the hair around the wound, wash the wound surface with hydrogen peroxide and then with tweezers remove the foreign particles. If you are not sure that you pulled all the pieces, then consult the vet, who with the help of a microscope will be able to clean the wound more thoroughly.
As a result of shock or injury from the car your pet may be internal bleeding. If after an accident the dog is lying, her pupils are dilated, mucous are white and thready weak pulse, then an urgent need to bring the dog to the vet who will be able to accurately establish the diagnosis.
Dog owners should also be aware that any injury the dog will try to lick. For a quicker recovery, it is better to avoid. If the wound is in the head, neck or torso, then the head of a pet to wear a plastic collar, which can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. If the wound is on a limb, on top of the dressing must wear a regular sock to secure it to the elastic base cloth, which will not impede circulation.