To find data on the numbere of the engine on the engine is sometimes not so easy. Standard the label is fixed under the engine oil dipstick. However, depending on the car model and the date of its release to manufacturing, the location of signs may vary. In this case, you will have to resort to the technical documentation on the car as it will indicate the exact location of the coveted plaques. If the former owner of the technical documentation is not preserved, it is easy to find in free access in the Internet.
Getting started check the purchased car, make sure that the data on the numbere, specified in the documentation on the purchased car, meet roomhave actually specified directly in the Assembly of the car.
In the automobile documentation number engine appears in the certificate of vehicle registration (issued before 2010) and in the absence of these data in the evidence room you can see in the passport of the vehicle.
Please note that some models of foreign cars (in most cases American production) the number of the engine is simply absent and is not provided by the manufacturer. Information about these vehicle features will also be present in the technical documentation on the car.
After you have verified that the data indicated on the motor vehicle, and the data in the documents are identical, contact any division of traffic police, where you will be able to find out, is not listed if the car is stolen and not wanted or for some other reason.
After receiving full information about the purchased car, you can be confident about the purchase and protect yourself from possible problems related to last the life of your used car.