To test the motor, first you need to open the hood and assess the external condition of the motor. Carefully inspect the rubber bushings, hoses and rubber parts that wear out the fastest. You also need to look under the bottom of the car to ensure no oil stains on the block. If any still available, this means that you need to change any seals or gasket of the engine.
The next stage is the assessment of the condition of the spark plugs. The carbon on the contacts of the candles will help to determine whether the cylinder oil is set correctly the motor, how is the quality of fuel refuels the car.
Check engine is check all the fluids. If you find that the oil level is less than the maximum level, and the external signs of a leak there, it means the oil is burnt together with fuel. The reason for this phenomenon could be worn piston rings or valve seals. In addition to oil to assess the level of coolant. If it was changed on time, then you will not see dark brown fluid in the expansion tank.
To evaluate the performance of the engine can and on external signs. If you are running the starter is making a great effort, this means that either exhibited bad ignition, or the spark is not powerful enough. Be sure to listen if it's even a working engine, do not idle. Discharge from the exhaust pipe can also talk about different problems. Black or gray smoke said blockage of fuel injectors, the white smoke indicates injected into the cylinders of the antifreeze. Take a few prosazovat and look, whether there are noises in the time when the engine is hyped to the limit.
The last step is to check the engine while driving. Will appreciate how quickly the car accelerates, it doesn't do it at a set rate. Check out how the engine pulls the car uphill. If you feel that the lifting motor power is not enough, as the speed drops, so the car has serious problems.