Easy to use sms service can sometimes be adverse and service. Especially when it comes to annoying messages from subscribers of mobile communication users or a variety of advertising coming from short numbers. But all is not hopeless: with such sms-OK, you can refuse. A similar service is provided by all cellular operators, thanks to which you can connect a function to the "blacklist". For this you just need to call your carrier and explain what you want.
You can independently connect the "black list" and enter unwanted numbers by means of the electronic assistant.
However, there is most affordable option. But it is possible only if your phone supports the feature of blocking incoming sms. To check availability of this operation you can understand the settings of your camera. Visit Menu of your phone and go to "Settings". Depending on your model further steps may be slightly different.
In the first case the function restrict incoming messages is directly in the "Settings" section and subparagraph sms. Second, you need to first go to "Messages" and then find the option "Settings" and put a ban on incoming sms.
Some phone models allow you to put a ban on all incoming messages. Others support the inclusion into "blacklist" or "filter" of individual rooms. You can add them from your phonebook or enter it manually.
To disable the messages with the paid services, try, use the following method. To reject subscriptions from short numbers send sms with text "STOP" or STOP on these numbers. And then for installation and lifting of the ban on sending and receiving sms from short service numbers call the toll free number 0858, where, following the instructions of the electronic assistant, you can activate "Black-white lists SRA". She is available for one day.