Please note that before you can block the required rooms (or room), you will need to order the service. And only after the connection procedure of the "Black list" you will get the opportunity to edit it. So, as soon as you want to activate this service just dial on your mobile telephone short number of USSD-request *130# and then click on the call button. In addition, available to all subscribers of "MegaFon" provides easy-to-remember number information service 0500. Do not forget that under roaming the call will be charged when staying in a home network it will be free. To learn about the cost of calls in roaming on your rate you can in one of the salons of the operator.
In addition, to activate blacklist there is another room - a room designed to send SMS messages 5130. The text of these messages to indicate the text is not necessary, leave the field blank. The operator first has to verify your request, and only after processing it will send to your mobile phone two different SMS. From the first you learn that the service "Black list" were ordered, and the second was whether it successfully connected. Once you read the second message, you can go to edit the list, that is, to make offer.
To inhibit the numbers, put them in the list, the operator by sending a special USSD-request *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#. If you want to send a text message, the text before the phone number, enter the + sign. And by the way, do not lose sight of the correct number format: when sending a request it must be specified through the seven, only the number must contain 10 digits (for example, you write 7988555332).