Often, making a discount card at any store, we listed your phone number, not paying attention, thus we allow the firm to send SMS messages about promotions, discounts, etc. Respecting shops and businesses allow you to opt out of receiving messages voluntarily. Somewhere you need to go to the website and specify that you don't want to receive SMS messages will have to send the rejection in the form of a text somewhere, it is sufficient to write an e-mail with a request to exclude your mobile number from the database distribution. Every company on the condition may be different – more detailed information can be found on the website of the company or the employees of the company in which you have received the card.

Mobile operators can also help to get rid of the annoying promotional SMS.

If you are a subscriber of MTS, then transfer the received spam SMS on free number 1911 or email us on 911@mts.ru indicating the telephone number from which you received the message. MTS promises to take action against the fraudsters. Or you can activate "Black list" to block unwanted calls and messages (paid service – daily fee is 1.5 rubles).

The company TELE2 to prevent mailing offers to contact reference and information service 611 or leave a message in the "Good report".Like MTS, TELE2 has paid the service "Black list" (more: http://spb.tele2.ru/services_black_list).

Clients of the operator "MegaFon" can forward a suspicious message to a toll-free number 1911, and thus to report spam. You can also write a complaint on SMS spam by filling out the form on the dedicated portal www.stopfraud.megafon.ru/feedback or call in service complaints of MegaFon by number 0500.

Subscribers of the Beeline can receive short messages from the operator. It is a service "Chameleon" and annoying it may not be less SMS spam. To turn it off, you need to dial *110*20# and call. Also, being a subscriber of "Beeline", you can send SMS complaint on spam for 007, putting the number from which you received a spam message or SMS newsletter, text messages, date and time of receipt. Or you can call the service complaints Beeline phone 0611.

If possible, install an app on your phone that allows you to block messages from the numbers included into the black list. For example, an application blacklist (Blacklist) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.baole.app.blacklist&hl=ru for smartphones with Android operating system.

If you want to punish a company sending spam. For this, you can file a complaint with the Federal Antimonopoly service (http://fas.gov.ru/citizens/feedback/) or in Roskomnadzor (http://rkn.gov.ru/treatments/ask-question/).

Keep in mind that submitting a complaint to the FAS or Roskomnadzor, you will have to provide personal information about yourself and info about the spam (name, sender's number, Tex, date, time of receipt). And if the case goes to court, the mobile operators and the spam-sending organization/the companies will argue that you gave consent to receive the mailing, so make sure you do not give such consent.

If you don't want to write a complaint, you can try to compete with spammers through the portal smsnenado.ru. You just need to fill the form with data on the spam message and confirm your phone number. Administrators will refer to the distributor of spam messages, the request to unsubscribe from a list. After treatment the distributor will remove your number from the database mailing, reports to the administrators of the service Sisnando, and you will receive an email that will no longer receive messages from the company or organization.

And of course, follow the simple rules in order to avoid receiving spam SMS messages:

1. Please do not provide your phone number on suspicious websites.

2. Upon receipt of discount cards in shops or clubs do not provide your phone number or note that you do not want to receive communications on various promotions and discounts.

3. Carefully read the contracts with mobile operators, which should be spelled out the conditions of sending your promotional messages.

And of course, never click links in a suspicious message from an unknown number and do not reply to such messages.