To MTS subscribers need to call from a mobile to the number 0890 and ask the operator whether any paid services. If any, ask them to disable all unnecessary in your opinion of the service. And then, if you think it necessary, ask to include the following services: "the Prohibition of content" (the ban calls and SMS on short paid numbers) "not to receive informational SMS or MMS to the MTS site and the Ban of SMS with news from MTS (it will protect you from Intrusive advertising".
Another way is to dial *152#: so you can see the list of subscriptions and unsubscribe, and also you will be able to see the 5 most recent pay actions.
In addition, the office can issue a paper agreement, that without your written application and no additional service cannot be connected.

The Beeline subscribers should contact the operator by phone 0611, learn about the availability of paid services and ask them to disable them. It can also be helpful to ask to connect to service "Black-and-white lists" (the prohibition of calls and SMS on short paid numbers) "Lock on Mobile advertising" and "Ban promotions" (those free services which then become paid). "Blocking commercial SMS" prohibits the admission of a paid SMS from commercial providers.

Subscribers of MegaFon can ask the operator to disable paid services, by calling 0500. Also ask the operator to connect the service "Stop content" (the prohibit send SMS to premium numbers). In different regions, this service may be referred to as "the Prohibition of paid services" or "Prohibit" advertising services" or "prohibit send entertainment, SMS. Also connect the "Rejection SMS" and "refusal of the Try&buy" (the rejection of free services that will later be paid).

Tele2 subscribers can contact the reference by phone 611.

It is best to call the operators periodically — at least every two to three months to learn about pay-per-view services: you may not know, tuned in to the paid newsletter. Also don't forget about "safety": set this to your gadget antivirus program, download apps only from trusted sites. Before installing a new program or application, take the time to see what rights it requires. If it says "sending SMS to premium-based", to install it should not be.

If the services provided by short numbers sometimes are tempting, find out their cost before sending SMS to short number. To get a quote, you should:

for MTS: send an SMS with the text "XXXX (digits short numbers) to 2282 (for Moscow and Moscow region is free, roaming SMS-ka will cost according to your tariff)

- for Beeline to find out more about short number, we will open a special tab on the official website of Beeline (there you can learn all the partners of Beeline, list of services and their cost, as well as to report fraud) (the top of the page don't forget to include your city)

for the Megaphone: dial USSD-command *107*short number#. In response you will receive information about the cost of services. If the room is assigned to a service, the cost of each of them will come in a separate message.

- Tele2: dial*125*short number# and press the call key.

On the websites of mobile operators, as a rule, there is a feedback form for complaints of fraud.