However, before you will get the opportunity to block someone's mobile phone number, you need first to connect the service "Black list". Only after the activation procedure, you will be able to make room (or even rooms) in your list. Connection to make it easy to: type on the keyboard of your mobile device special USSD-request *130# and press the call key. In addition, the operator provides all users to use to activate and shortcode information service 0500. If during a call on it you will be in the home network, for a conversation with your account will not be charged. And to learn about pricing in roaming is available by contacting any of the shops of the company.
But that's not all the ways in which you can connect blacklist. Activation services will be available through sending text messages at the number 5130. In this case, to specify the message text is not required. Once the operator receives the request on your mobile phone will receive two notifications: one of them will report on the service order and the second - about the activation status (e.g., successful connection to the service, or nepodkljuchenija). After receiving information about full activation blacklist you will be able to begin making room.
In order to edit the list, you can send USSD-request to number *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#. In that case, if this method is not suitable for you and you prefer to send a text message, then the message must indicate the number of the mobile phone in front of him + sign. By the way, don't forget about the correct spelling of offer you make to the list: they should only be given in ten-digit format, using a seven, for example, 79xxxxxxxx.