You will need
  • - documents on registration as the individual businessman;
  • - lease of space for the payment terminal.
Register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity other legal form. It is necessary for the conclusion of the contract, as with renting payment terminals, and to enter into a lease agreement with the owner of the property where you put this unit. Also this registration is required for payment of taxes from earned income.
Find a place where you put the payment terminal and sign the rental agreement. Given the fact that now almost everyone uses the services of payment service provider or other services, no need to look for a certain place with a large traffic. But if you manage to do it in a big hypermarket, your income will increase appreciably. It is best to find several places to install more than one terminal, but it depends on the size of your starting capital.
Find the company that leases terminals in the lease with the most favorable conditions: the minimum or maximum number of units for rent in one organization; the availability of discounts for rental of a certain number of payment terminals; batching machine; the term of the contract. The greater the number of terminals you can rent, the bigger discount you can get in some organizations.
To enter into a lease of the terminal, provide the registration certificate of your organization or individual business, the lease of the place of installation of the apparatus.
Carefully watch the income from this type of business. It is possible that in the future you will be much cheaper to buy your own payment terminal.