You will need
  • - anchor bolts;
  • - building level;
  • - punch.
Before you install ATM, you need to choose a suitable place, which may be in the premises of credit institutions, large retail stores or in apertures of buildings to serve customers from the street. The ATM should be located at a convenient control on the part of employees of the security service. If the device is scheduled to leave in the room with free access: metro, shops, shopping centres, it should be located away from Windows and other glass surfaces. In addition, it should be closed direct access of vehicles.
Once the location is selected, sign a contract with the organization in the room where you plan to install software and hardware device.
Installation of the ATM requires careful preparation of the floor or wall if it is to be built into the doorway of the building. In the preparation of the floor make sure it can withstand the weight of the ATM, which reaches 900 kg. the surface of the floor under and around the device must be strictly horizontal, you can check this, using the building level.
After making sure that the floor meets all the necessary rules, it will PowerLite pilot holes and attach them to the device using anchor bolts. The gap between the wall and faceplate complete weatherproof sealant, if ATM is installed in a building wall.
When the ATM will be put in place and secured, equip it with a video surveillance system and burglar alarm. In addition, take care of a stable power supply to the device self.