You will need
  • - to register a company;
  • find a place to install terminals;
  • - acquire terminals;
  • - to conclude contract with the service company;
  • - to conclude an agreement with the payment system;
  • - to start working.
Before becoming the owner of a network of payment terminals and start earning, register a legal entity (LLC) or individual (SP). Open a Bank account.
Decide where you will set your terminals. The location of the unit plays a decisive role in the development of business and income. Stop your choice at the business centers, large shopping centers, supermarkets, main streets, etc. Taking the final decision, refer to high traffic (1000 per day), presence in the electricity and security personnel.
Find a company that is engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the machines and sign a contract with her. This is the most convenient option for the business. If you plan to install only one unit, you will be able to do without staff. In case of installation of network terminals, hire an operator who will monitor the operations through the Internet and sign a contract with a Bank or security Agency, which will pursue collection.
When all issues will be resolved, purchase terminals. Examine the conditions under which a variety of payment network and sign a contract with one of them - Empay, E–pay, E–port, etc.
The cost of the new devices ranges from 80,000 rubles for the street and from 60000 rubles for those that are designed for indoor use. In addition, you can purchase the terminals that were in use. Prices are reduced about 50%.
Keep in mind that your salary will be based on Commission and will be from 2 to 8% of the total amount of all payments. It all depends on the terms of the contract. Minimum turnover of one point in the crowded place ranges from 7000-8000 rubles per day. In passable areas it comes up to 90,000 – 100,000 rubles. Accordingly, if your terminals will be in areas with large concentrations of people, single machine will bring you a net profit from 2000 to 8000 rubles per day.