Also available rental of payment terminals when you are buying the device and only pay the vendor for it. Which is better – you decide. It all depends on the goals and objectives of your business.
So, to open its own network of payment terminals, you need to go through five stages. To begin, select a place to install a payment terminal. To achieve the most efficient operation of the payment terminal, place it in a public place with high traffic of people. Your terminal must be conveniently located and attract the attention of passers-by. In addition, please note that the terminal need access to a power outlet.
After that, complete your profile and write in the application form. Please contact your chosen payment system and send it to their Inbox (or bring to the office) all necessary documents, including copies of all statutory documents signature and seal of the organization. Samples of documents you have to provide staff payment system.
Make preparations for the direct connection of the terminal. To do this, purchase a SIM card from mobile operators, preferably with a corporate rate for more convenient monitoring of the availability of funds and their timely replenishment.
Install the software. You can do this on your own by downloading the necessary installation files, and in the company where you purchased the payment terminal itself. Usually they offer a complete software installation and testing, after which you will receive detailed instructions for maintenance and operation. You also need to enter into a contract for the opening of separate accounts for your company.
Finally, place the payment terminal to the selected location. Make your advance payment to your account and the terminal is ready to use with any service providers. Connecting the terminal to the power supply implement according to the device's instructions.