You will need
  • - passport;
  • - photocopy of the passport;
  • - old hunting ticket;
  • - 2 photographs 2,5x3,5 cm;
  • - a statement.
From 1 July 2011 issuance of tickets of the uniform Federal sample, which is indefinite. Now hunting enthusiasts no longer need to annually renew the term of your hunting license and every 5 years to exchange it for a new one. Also no need to take help from the internal Affairs bodies about absence of previous conviction or to take the required minimum hunting.
To exchange old hunting license in the document of a new uniform Federal sample, make two photographs measuring 25 by 35 mm, printed on matte paper (background doesn't matter much). As well as a photocopy of the passport pages showing your photograph and registration address.
Refer to these documents, the passport and the old hunting license, the validity of which has not yet come to an end, to the authority responsible for hunting and conservation of hunting resources in your area. It may be referred to the Office for protection, control and use of objects of animal world, Service for the protection of wildlife or wear another similar name.
Complete the application for a hunting ticket Federal unified sample. The form can be downloaded from the official site of the authorized body. The statement must specify the surname, name, patronymic, address and telephone number, date and signature.
If your application and the submitted documents meet the requirements, you are required to issue a new hunting license within 5 working days. Moreover, this service is absolutely free.
When you get the notification to include details on your ticket in the public consultations the Belarusian delegation the registry, it is considered valid. Normally such a notice is issued together with the hunting ticket of the new sample, but can be given to you later, for example, by mail.