Old ticket hunter

"And do I need a hunting license?" - this question is asked by novice hunters. Of course, we need. After all, without the presence of hunter's ticket you will not be able to obtain a license for the use and storage of smooth-bore or rifled weapons.
According to an old edition of the law No. 209 of 24 July 2009 "On hunting and preservation of hunting resources and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" to get the ticket of the hunter , it is enough to provide your passport and photo 3x4 to hunting on the territory of which you are going to hunt or fish. Annually were required re-registration of the hunting ticket. Every five years and is replaced by a new one.

New ticket hunter

But now, since January 20, 2011, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation № 13 "On approval of the Procedure for issuing and revocation of hunting ticket of the uniform Federal sample, the shape of the hunting ticket every lover to shoot birds and animals must obtain a hunting license from the Federal sample. This ticket is issued in perpetuity. The owner may hunt on the territory of Russian Federation.

Can I get a new hunting license?

If you are an adult, have no criminal record and know hunting low (according to hunting legislation), there are no impediments to obtaining a new ticket hunter there.

Where to get a new hunting license?

Issuing new hunting licenses are engaged in the Committee of natural resources of your community and multipurpose centers where you need to apply in person or send all documents by mail. Service is the ticket hunter is free and requires no payment of contributions and the payment of the state fee.

What documents should I provide to obtain a new hunting license?

1. Your passport
2. A copy of the passport pages with photos and place your registration
3. 2 color or black and white photo 25*35 mm.
4. Old sample hunting license ( only if its validity period has not expired)
5. The application form (the application form and a sample of his fill you'll enjoy wherever you go. Or you can download a form from the Internet)

As soon as you can use the new hunting ticket?

After submission to the Committee on natural resources of your community or multipurpose center, within 5-10 days you are required to give a new sample of the hunting ticket. A few days later your ticket will submit to the state registry and will inform you by phone. That's all. Now you can perfectly legally engage in hunting and fishing.