Where to apply for a licence

A license to shoot a moose is a specific form of the established sample. The organization to receive documents for hunting vary from region to region. But most of the formalities can be in the service or in its territorial branches, which are in the field hunting. As a rule, reserves or hunting grounds, which are protected by the state.

In order to get a license to shoot a moose in the territory of lands of the public should contact the local authorities. If the territory belongs to a legal person or is in his long-term lease, then this document is issued it a legal entity.

Typically, a hunter may obtain only a single permit. Long-term license for the production of animals, which is attributed to hunting objects, are issued only to legal entities.

Documents for obtaining a license

For obtaining a license must have a full package of documents, otherwise the process may be delayed. You need to pre-pay the duty, when applying for permission to shoot to enclose the receipt confirming payment.

You will also need to write a statement, and for its filing are time-bound. The more accurately you can learn about them, before turning to the authorities responsible for issuing licenses. As for the statement, it is unlike other documents you can send by e-mail.

Be sure to provide a copy of the identity document, which must be notarized. This can be a passport or other document. You also need to attach a certified copy of the certificate confirming the right to conduct hunting activities. It is desirable to enlist the support from fellow hunters in the form of letters of recommendation from a hunting club.

The license clearly identifies the boundaries of the territory where you will be hunting, and the period during which it is permitted. Also designated certain animal species subject to hunting and their eligible age. The license is available to any Russian citizen with a permit to carry and possession of a hunting firearm and a valid hunting license.

The license is issued individually, its transfer to third parties is prohibited. When going on a hunt to have her with us.