Hi, Gojko Mitic!

The bow became popular in the USSR, largely thanks to the film about Ivan, Robin hood and the Indians led by the heroes of Gojko Mitic, is a throwing weapon with arrows. The principle of its action consists, first, in the strong stretching the string bent in an arc and the accumulation of potential energy. And secondly, in the transformation of the latter in extension of the string in different energy - kinetic, which sends the arrow into the target.

Also onions, only a mechanical, more modern and therefore superior to the degree of danger is a crossbow. His ancestor crossbow (its other names — crossbow, ballista, streamed) is superior in terms of equipment, as well as the accuracy and force of impact of the arrow. And inferior to Luke is that the recharge speed of arrows.

In order to answer the question "is it Possible to buy bow and crossbow for private use?", — we first need to determine the purpose for which you intend to buy. She may be the only professional sport or hunting. You also need to identify the technical characteristics of a future purchase.

27 and 43

A model with shoulder tension or force of the arc to 20 kgf (kilogram-force), intended for the amusement of the fans, the competition won't go. But universal sports and hunting bows, universal sports and hunting and match sports crossbows with much greater power arcs are considered to have a real missile weapon.

Going to a gun store, remember that by law, free to buy only Luke having the force of tension of the shoulder not above 27 kgs. Same for crossbows should not exceed 43 kg. Sale, purchase, storage and use of more powerful cold throwing weapons threatens the violator of the administrative or criminal responsibility.

Models with more power, but not above 135 kg, you can buy and store only those professionally involved in the sport of archery or acheri-biathlon. For this, they need to have a relevant document of the club or Federation, accredited by the Ministry of sports. With a powerful bow or crossbow to start hunting. But only if you have a hunting license and a permit.

Bow not to walk

No need to register freely purchased bow or crossbow, even a small force, does not mean that it is not necessary documents. Not contrary to law, the acquisition and the origin of the weapons is confirmed by an individual certificate mandatory forensic examination of arms and an extract from it. They need to get in the store when buying goods.

It should also be remembered that, even having on hands all necessary documents to officially acquired in the gun shop crossbow/bow and the identity of the master of sports on acheri-biathlon, it is not recommended to walk with him through the evening streets to frighten passers-by. A similar trip with a cold throwing weapons has the right to stop any police officer.