You will need
  • - passport or other document proving the identity and citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration at the place of residence;
  • - the receipt on state duty payment (200 roubles);
  • - two photos 3x4;
  • - medical certificate 046-1;
  • - application form with passport data and information about existing weapons;
  • - a hunting permit or membership of a hunting ticket;
  • - a certificate from OLR residence on the possession of a hunting smooth-bore weapon of not less than 5 years;
  • - photocopies of the passport, the hunting ticket, permission for smoothbore weapons.
For obtaining a license for rifles need a passport or other document proving the identity and citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration at the place of residence. Persons with a temporary registration or without a permanent residency issuance of license is not possible.
Get medical help 046-1. A medical certificate is issued for a fee. It is worth noting medical contraindications under which the licence for weapon acquisition is not issued:
- chronic and prolonged mental disorders with severe persistent or frequently escalating painful manifestations;
- alcoholism, drug addiction or substance abuse;
- visual acuity with correction less than 0.5 in one eye and below 0.2 for the other or 0.7 in one eye in the absence of vision on the other.
Prepare a hunting license or membership of a hunting ticket. You can get it at a local society of hunters and fishers (Mooir).
This list of documents is not complete, there are still a number of documents that may be required to obtain a license. For HR units on the completion of the service and securing the weapon or sports passport, a photocopy of the agreement on setting apartment on remote burglar alarm. The full list can be found in the local ARR at the place of residence.
To obtain a license for a weapon with a rifled barrel is necessary to create conditions for storing of weapons that would ensure his safety, the safety of storage and would exclude access by third parties. this can be purchase a safe and you can do it yourself, obiv box metal. In addition, the safe should be securely fastened to a solid surface, it is to ensure that weapons are not carried away with the safe. In some cases you might want to have bars on the Windows and alarm systems.
After placing the documents in OLRR place of residence, they must pass to the district, OLRR where must consider your application within one month from the date of its registration. In case of refusal to grant a license for the purchase of firearms hunting weapons with rifle barrel, you must issue a notice of refusal to grant a license. You have the right to appeal the decision in pre-judicial and judicial order. The appeal procedure can be found on the website you can also submit a complaint electronically.