Before you buy a gun, get a safety Deposit box for its storage. This is one of the prerequisites for granting a licence to acquire arms. A safe is available to buy at a hunting store.
Collect all the necessary documents in order to obtain a license to purchase weapons, and subsequently its storage and carrying, namely:- a certified copy of the passport;- a certificate from the district of no criminal record;- 2 photographs 3×4 (for the application form and card-permission);- hunting license (desirable, as otherwise you may not issue a license for the possession and carrying of hunting rifles);- medical certificate (form 046-1).Please note: the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 1017 of 24.12.2003 repealed the provision of the inspector of the licensing authority separate certificates of neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries.
Contact OLR at the local branch of ATS and submit together with the application documents for a licence to acquire arms. You will receive it within a month if you have all the documents in order. With this license you can go to the hunting store and buy a gun. After this you within 2 weeks from the date of purchase of the gun will again have to contact OLR to get a card-permit to keep and bear arms, passing him at the time until it will be issued, to the licensing authority. Card permit is issued for 5 years. After this period you will be required to reregister the weapon.
Weapons obtained by inheritance, shall be in the same order on presentation of certificate from the notary.
If you buy a gun with it, check the documentation on it from the former owner, and only after this contact, ALR for a license to purchase. Check with the former owner of the original license for the possession and carrying of weapons and the application for renewal it to you or contact the licensing authority together with the seller.