The advantage of a rifle is that it has considerably more power and range than a smoothbore. The latter is used for hunting birds and small game. If a hunter decided to go for wild boar or even a bear, without the rifle can not do.
Note that to obtain such a powerful weapon would have to sweat and run.
Remember that to own rifled weapons is possible only after a five-year period of storage (without the right to carry, if not hunting ticket) smoothbore. In other words, you need to be a hunter for 5 years to keep the house in good conditions, smooth-bore guns. Biography, the future owner of a rifle must be clean: excluded offences and infringements of rules of hunting and possession of weapons.
The issuance of permits for the purchase, possession and carrying of rifles in licensing works (GRR) when the city police Department. To obtain a license for hunting rifles must apply to the territorial office of GLR and attach the following documents: completed card application, copies of passport pages 2 pictures 3х4см and medical certificate on form 046-1.
The certificate on form 046-1 can help you about the possibility of owning and carrying weapons. In addition to the reference form 046-1,bring a certificate from narcological and psychoneurological dispensaries.
Also attach the payment receipt of state duty, the original and a copy of a valid hunting license. In some cases you are required to attach a confirmation from the head of the society of hunters and feature-request. The latter contain information about the assessment of knowledge and delivery of the hunting minimum.
You must have a certificate from district Commissioner of police, which will assess the conditions of home storage of weapons: the thickness of the walls of the safe, the attitude of family members to gun in the house, etc.
After reviewing the documents, you will be given a permit card one firearm. The card is valid for 6 months, during which time you need to buy a gun. Unused cards must be returned to GRR.
The application for obtaining a license to buy a rifle is considered not less than 30 days.
When buying two weapons of the spine of the license remain in the gun shop, the third spine take in GRR, then purchased the weapon will be registered. This procedure usually takes 7-10 days.