You will need
  • - new diesel engine;
  • diesel fuel;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - winch;
  • -guide service of the car Gazelle.
Weigh all the "pros" and "cons". The process of installation of diesel - a very time consuming procedure. Also have to make a considerable cash investment. It is therefore necessary to make a preliminary calculation to identify the approximate time frame in which this unit will be able to pay off.
Pick up a model diesel engine which will be suitable for installation on your Gazelle. The choice must first of all be guided by aspects such as the complexity of installations and the demands on the service. You can purchase a standard diesel engine GAS. Rework in this case will be minimal.
If you want to get from the engine more power and maximum service life, please explore the market of imported diesel engines. Consult with the experts. When installing a new power unit, you cannot make changes to the design of the car. Such innovations are illegal, unless there is a special paper, which can be received only passing a series of difficult examinations.
Remove the hood, removing it from the hinges. It's easier just to pull the old motor and install the new one. Disconnect the battery and all attachments. Before removing the standard engine carefully read the user manual. Visit the forum car owners Gazelle. There you can learn a lot of useful information on the replacement engine.
After disconnecting and detaching all attachments fit a winch and drag under the pillars of the engine belts. Carefully secure them. Unscrew the bolts of the engine. Disconnect the transmission from the power unit.
Carefully remove the motor from the supports and pull it from under the hood. Hang a new motor on the winch. Install in engine compartment new engine mount. It is best to take the ones that are used to install a new diesel unit.
Using the winch, lower the new engine into the hood space. Try fastening. If necessary, drill holes for new bolts. Secure the engine and remove the straps from under him.
Start to assemble and install the attachment in the reverse order. Connect the gearbox to the engine and check up correctness of connection. Replace the entire fuel system including the tank. Install new filters.
Pour a full tank of diesel fuel and produce a first ignition of the engine.