Carefully inspect the place where breakage of the cable. If this happened in the cabin, then carefully hook the end with the pliers. Pull and make the opening of the hood. Then pull the cable end in the spring of the castle. Then remove the loop of the arm and by unscrewing the mounting in the engine compartment, pull it out.
Buy a new cable in the shop. Remember that it can be multi-strand and solid core, better buy a multi-strand, which is more reliable and resistant to fracture under different kinks. Push it to the salon and put the rope on the handle. The other end will secure the spring. To ensure the most effective tensioning have an assistant at the time of fixing to pull the lock of the hood.
When the cable is broken under the hood of the car will have to Tinker a lot more. Driving the car on a viewing hole and disconnect the engine protection, if it is the place to be. Wait until the engine cools and put your hand between the engine and the radiator, and he felt a spring lock, slide it to the side of the battery. After that, open the hood and disconnect the cable from the lock.
Find a strong, thin cord that attach to the end of a rope. In the salon perform a lifting handle to open the hood and remove the cable from it. Pull out the worn out knot through the engine compartment into the vehicle interior. Carefully untie the cord and leave it inside.
Replace the o-rings. Then connect the new cable to the cord and pull the cable into the engine compartment. Fix it on the lock to open the bonnet and inside the handle opening. Carefully check the operation of the new part. To do this, close the lid of the bonnet and open it from the cabin. If you experience any trouble try to eliminate it immediately.