Throw away thoughts about what you want to make a positive impression. Connect with guy as their best friend or like a sister. Try to treat it easier, do not exaggerate its importance in my life.
Be natural, do not try to seem better, smarter, prettier than you really are. Most men like it easy to communicate with women. If you pretend to be a Princess, the communication with the young man will soon be over.
Try to seem more naive and more helpless than you really are. Ask the man about the fine service and ask his advice. In the end it will bring you only benefits. Guys like to look smarter and stronger. And to achieve this very simply, if there's a helpless girl.
Don't be afraid to say no to a guy requests if their implementation somehow limits you. It is unlikely he will change their plans and make concessions. Proceed in the same way. Be free and independent. If you have planned for the evening meeting with friends to discuss their plans, if he asked you to go with him to the country or to walk his dog.
Don't forget though occasionally to spoil the man. This can be done by telling him a compliment, and prepare his favorite meal, met his family. Choose what you really like your friend. In relationships (friendship and love) need to learn not only to take but also to give something in return. Only then will it be harmonious and pleasant for both partners.
Don't complain to him too often. Yes, you can have their problems, but don't talk about them constantly. You can ask him for help, but spend hours complaining about work, studies and family is not worth it.
Not help a guy. He is not a dog that will fulfill all your orders. Learn to see in every man a person. It should not become your mirror image, otherwise it will not be relations, and slavery.