Advice 1: How to be an indecisive man

Indecisive men are often afraid of how to start and develop a relationship with women. They may feel that their fiancee is too beautiful, too smart, and simply divine, so she probably has a lot of fans. In such cases, the woman herself had to conquer a man that she likes.
How to be an indecisive man

How to behave with a half-hearted man

If you find that your partner is very hesitant, the first thing you should do is to be patient. No need to be mad at him, to push, to force things – all this can make a man totally disappear or scare him so that he more to you will not do. But at the same time we should not be too soft and pliable, most expecting a first step. Select the middle path and proceed calmly and carefully.

Try to raise the self-esteem of men. It is important to do it gently and without undue flattery. It makes sense to ask for a favor that he'll definitely be able to provide, and admire the level of knowledge and skill. Find out what the man could do best, and take advantage of this. Let him feel skillful, strong, needed. Developing relations, do not forget to stir the interest of men to get and maintain his self-esteem.

In extreme cases, when time or patience is running out, you can put a person in front of Express choice and thus forcing him to act quickly and decisively. For example, a woman who wants to achieve recognition, maybe a secret report that she was offered a job in another city and, if it did not stop in a few days she'll be gone forever.

Indecisive man: steps towards a rapprochement with him

Show your partner that you are interested, show your sympathy. But remember that, unfortunately, indecisive men are very bad take a hint and often dismiss them because you're afraid you actually only play with them. Communicate in a friendly and cordial manner, be of special interest, but don't press too hard. Gradually the man will be convinced that means more to you than other people.

Try to flirt a little. Mild flirting, touching at the level of friendly touches, the words whispered in his ear, enticing a direct look in the eye – all this, men, as a rule, interpretiruya automatically. No need to seem available to him – just gently to show that he can behave bolder and go closer communication.

If you have the opportunity to start a natural conversation, do it. Share your worries and doubts, trust – let the man see you vulnerable, let him understand that you need protection and care. This will help him open up in response and even push to the desire to take you under his wing.

Advice 2 : Man you hesitate – what to do and whether?

Neither growth, nor weight, nor age, nor color of eyes or hair does not affect the fact that girls want to be desired. Turn the head and admired each wants, especially when it comes to your own young man. But what if, confessing his love, the man is in no hurry to acquaint the beloved with parents or friends, to the cinema or a restaurant calls rarely, and generally tries to have occurred only in private? Willy-nilly, the question arises – and is not shy is he?
Man you hesitate – what to do and whether?

Drawing the perfect image of a girl, many men fall in love with those this ideal does not always match. It seems to be love there, but at the same time, there is a complex regarding the fact that the girlfriend laughed at him. What to do the poor girl in this situation?

Problem with external parameters

The most common cause of male complexes concerning the appearance of his girlfriend. For friends he needs a slim model, parents are exploring the model of chastity. If a girl these parameters, 100% corresponds to men appears the shame of it.

In this situation, you need to understand how the relationship is with a man in order for them to change – to get rid of a couple extra pounds, remove a piercing or tattoo, to change the style of dress. Perhaps the game is worth the candle, and the relationship after the change of the image will be perfect. And suddenly it turns out that there are more flaws and will have to live, constantly adapting to someone else's opinion?

The behavior of the people

Excessive modesty or the inability to hold back and keep silent at the right moment. This is another reason for the complexes. A man has been reared by the same rules, his choice – on the other. The character of each is different, as the rules of etiquette.

Again, you need to look at ourselves, to understand whether the comments reasonable and it's a reason to work on them or is it just nitpicking. In this case, you can seek the assistance of relatives and friends, openly asking for what in your behavior and it seems unacceptable and inappropriate.

Problems of childhood

The man criticized in childhood by their parents, will not only shy girl, leaving her lost in the riddles, he will constantly poke shortcomings in the nose. Children's complexes break out and find the target in the form of a girl that criticism is pouring in an endless stream.

Children's problems – a complicated concept. Most likely, they will last a lifetime, and so you'll be fat, ugly, not able to dress, act – the list is endless. Do you want to become a victim of other people's complexes, additionally accumulating them in yourself? It may be better to find someone with the same lack of will to see 1000 merits, and not Vice versa?

Deciding whether to stay with a man that you are shy, or find happiness with others, you need to think only about themselves and their well-being. What you prefer is admiration or permanent shame for the discrepancy between someone else's ideal?
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