How to behave with a half-hearted man

If you find that your partner is very hesitant, the first thing you should do is to be patient. No need to be mad at him, to push, to force things – all this can make a man totally disappear or scare him so that he more to you will not do. But at the same time we should not be too soft and pliable, most expecting a first step. Select the middle path and proceed calmly and carefully.

Try to raise the self-esteem of men. It is important to do it gently and without undue flattery. It makes sense to ask for a favor that he'll definitely be able to provide, and admire the level of knowledge and skill. Find out what the man could do best, and take advantage of this. Let him feel skillful, strong, needed. Developing relations, do not forget to stir the interest of men to get and maintain his self-esteem.

In extreme cases, when time or patience is running out, you can put a person in front of Express choice and thus forcing him to act quickly and decisively. For example, a woman who wants to achieve recognition, maybe a secret report that she was offered a job in another city and, if it did not stop in a few days she'll be gone forever.

Indecisive man: steps towards a rapprochement with him

Show your partner that you are interested, show your sympathy. But remember that, unfortunately, indecisive men are very bad take a hint and often dismiss them because you're afraid you actually only play with them. Communicate in a friendly and cordial manner, be of special interest, but don't press too hard. Gradually the man will be convinced that means more to you than other people.

Try to flirt a little. Mild flirting, touching at the level of friendly touches, the words whispered in his ear, enticing a direct look in the eye – all this, men, as a rule, interpretiruya automatically. No need to seem available to him – just gently to show that he can behave bolder and go closer communication.

If you have the opportunity to start a natural conversation, do it. Share your worries and doubts, trust – let the man see you vulnerable, let him understand that you need protection and care. This will help him open up in response and even push to the desire to take you under his wing.