First of all, remember how you act if suddenly there are difficulties in communicating with any man? Properly, you begin to accuse him of all mortal sins, certainly considering that the conflict or misunderstanding to blame for it. It seems that man is categorically wrong, try to analyze the situation from his point of view. Try to think about how your partner or friend looks at this situation and your behavior in General. After all, it is not the fact that the woman is always right about everything.
Try as often as possible to Express the man his admiration for his work, actions and appearance. Use the following principle: if you really want to tell him "crooked" word, better not say anything, but if the reason for praise well, very small, it is better to praise. Men incredibly love the compliments and will not tolerate criticism. And nothing can be done, so we have to adapt. But this way you can gradually build men's confidence that he is the most kind, skillful, talented, etc. consequently, he counted himself as such with your submission, also will change you for the better. Confident people are always more capable of doing, worthy men.
Civility in relation to people unauthorized to become for us an unwritten rule of childhood. I always throw in the face of all the discontent and outrage much easier. Why not realize that your own man is much closer than the store clerk? Perhaps this attitude will eventually generate reciprocal positive changes on his part?
Another rule that should be remembered always, fairly traditional before you explode, try to mentally sing the verse of a song or simply count to ten. Yes, it turns out this is not always the case. But sometimes this simple method helps to stop in the Bud the potential Grand conflicts.