Try to smile to show your kindness, convince the guy that you like him and you're not averse to communicate with him at any time. A sincere smile always has a companion, causes a reaction, relaxes and disarms the men.
Hide your nervousness. This is a natural feeling that you feel when any man, it is better to carefully mask. Hide your hands in your pockets on a walk, if they are slightly trembling, put them behind your back or hold something in the hand (for example, telephone). Practice, to not be filled with paint whenever a guy is drawn to you. Although a little blush can help you – commander will immediately understand that you are interested in them.
Praise the guy. Men are very sensitive to criticism and, conversely, can "melt" from your compliments. Emphasize strong traits of character, admire his actions to Express their respect and agree with his opinion, etc., Preferably as often as possible to speak favorably about its merits, especially in the presence of mutual friends and acquaintances.
Matter how embarrassed you may feel, you must look guy in the eye. If you are going to drive the eyes around the room, looking at his feet or examine their hands, you might get the impression that the other person is not interested in you. So often try to look him in the eye, showing its attention to the topic of conversation, occasionally inserting a short phrase.
Be sure to laugh at the guy – he must feel witty, funny and interesting to talk to. Ask him to tell you funny stories, jokes, share jokes.
To show a guy that you have much in common, use the same words and expressions. This will prove your membership in one social circle, improve understanding and bring you closer together.
Call the guy by name, turning to him. Man it's nice to hear your name and not just a diminutive expression, which it is better not to abuse it. If a guy don't mind, I call him affectionately shortened name, or as his friends call him.