Sometimes about natural easier to talk than to behave in this way because in modern society, the style of behavior is most often dictated by fashion. It seems that the world is full of glamour, because he literally pours from the screen of the TV, with a covers of glossy magazines. How to keep your confidence when dealing with a guy under these circumstances, especially that guy stares at all of this?

In fact, in all that happens there is nothing to worry because, as you know, perceive the world through the eyes, and look at the beautiful picture they are nice. But do not forget that almost all of the centerfolds and teledive in everyday life do not wear a lot of makeup. But pomposity and a challenging look any girl not made me happier.

How to meet any guy

If you liked the guy, but shyness hinders to meet you, then this case is useful simple tips.

First and foremost you should identify the range of his interests. This can be done by asking friends about him. It would be great if the guy does sports, for example, makes the morning run. To join at this time will not be easy. If he visits the gym, then you should definitely enroll there. If he attends concerts, you can still get tickets to some of them. A good reason to contact the guy for help is a request to look at the computer may be to install a program or antivirus.

If you are lucky and the young man is your neighbor, you can bake cookies or cakes and to bravely March with refreshments to meet neighborly.

The mass of options, and if the guy really love, you should overcome the indecision and take steps.

How to dress for a date with a guy

A date with a guy, especially at first (and later too) should be first and foremost comfortable. This already exciting time, and unnecessary discomfort, exacerbating the situation, we do not need. This implies that clothing and shoes should be comfortable. But because the heels, if not worn in daily life, or the girl not been on them before, are excluded absolutely.

Well, you should consider the time of year, so if it happens in the summer, then you need to take either a denim jacket or a lightweight leather. If the date occurs in the fall or spring, and the outfit must be different – fit knit bodycon dress, and maybe jeans with a dressy cardigan stylish sweater with a bare shoulder.

A little about the lingerie you need to wear only the most beautiful and desirable expensive (comfort if it is not excluded, but is a necessity). This is necessary even if the underwear demonstration is not planned. Just this element of the wardrobe will give a feeling of confidence, and therefore certain relaxedness its owner.

Now one has only to mention about the hair – it should be quite simple, a good option would be just washed and loose hair. No need to demonstrate careful preparation to date. Well, a few words about the jewelry. Of course, they must be in moderation. If something is catchy, in a single copy, such as a large ring. A beautiful multi layered chains or necklace will be forced to play differently, even strict clothing.

If the girl had a question on how to behave with a guy, then I want to remind you that the respect and interesom always use individual, and people self-sufficient. You should always have your point of view, my opinion, but of course it is impossible to be categorical and to impose its position on others. And also - you can not play the role, you need to always be myself. If the girl seems that she does not reach the level of a young man, in fact, in cultivation, there are no barriers, especially at a young age.