You must always behave with a man, so that he was afraid of losing you, otherwise his feelings will inevitably diminish, and the woman cease to attract him physically and spiritually. Above all, remember why he chose you. Decide whether you are his eyes the same as before, or is currently happened to any changes. Start with their appearance. Constant stress and low mood, lack of exercise, neglect of cosmetics lead to the fact that women cease to attract man in terms of beauty.
Work on your appearance. Try to look in the eyes of the man she loved young and attractive. This can be used as a folk remedy in the form of masks for the skin and the special cosmetic products that can be purchased in stores. Sign up for a fitness or gym. You can also jog, do a workout, morning and evening exercises. It is worth a visit massage. Don't forget to update your wardrobe and wear only those things that are like your second half. Seeing next to me always beautiful and well-groomed woman, a man hardly wants to go to another.
It is important to behave with a man in common life. Without much reason it is better not to begin a dispute with him and not to argue with when you talk. Solve any issues together, but to initiative to a greater extent belonged to the man. Don't forget to share the same interests, for example, even if a man loves football, in any case, forbid not to watch it, and better participate in this process too.
Delicious and healthy food is another integral part of the life of a man who will never leave the woman who is constantly pleasing his a variety of dishes. It is worth to learn to cook and not be lazy to ask my husband or boyfriend about what he would like, for example, to have Breakfast or lunch. Sometimes you can take the initiative to make delicious surprises. While men love surprises not only in the kitchen but in everyday life, so periodically they should be pleasing small gifts and an unexpected, but pleasant things.
The man was afraid of losing the woman, she must always be sexy for him. Learn by heart the sexual preferences of men and do not hesitate doing nice things for him as often as possible. Periodically communicate with them about sex, to understand any changes in his interests, and whether it is time to bring in the sexual life something new.