The hotspot connection is via an ADSL modem:
Turn on the modem, produce a factory data reset in order for the modem was configured by default, click "Obtain an IP address automatically".
Connect the modem to the network card obtains an IP address automatically.
In the address bar of the browser enter the address of the modem. This is most likely by default. Press the Enter key. Enter to access the modem user name and password. All the data is in the instructions. So we will go to the Web page of the modem settings.
Then you need to change the password to the modem. Find the section Management, select Access Control, and Password.
Find the Advanced Setup section, select the WAN menu, placing a check-mark and click Remove. Then save the settings Save/Reboot and restart the modem.
Create a new connection. For this you need to find out from your ISP in the VPI and VCI settings. Select the connection type PPPoE. Enter the login name and password, which we got from your ISP. Authentication Method select AUTO. Leave MTU as default. DHCP set to enabled. Enter the name of the wireless network and save the settings.
When the modem rebooted, and everything is set up correctly, start the browser and check that the Internet is. All, Wi-fi in your laptop is configured.
As a rule, most laptops have a built-in Wi-fi module. Moreover, the laptops are made with application of processing technique of Intel Centrino, such devices Wi-Fi is already configured.