Advice 1: How to configure wireless network connection

With the advent of wireless connectivity people have got surprising mobility. With Wi-Fi high-speed Internet became available, no matter where you are - at work, in cafes or at home. Most importantly, this place was part of the coverage.
How to configure wireless network connection
You will need
  • Connected to a Wi-Fi router and a working computer with Windows operating system, a client on a wireless network
Enter the menu "start". Select "Settings" and them - "Network connections". Right-click on the icon "my Network places" call drop-down menu, then choose "Properties".
Click on the icon "Wireless network connection" in a new window "Network connections" right mouse click. In the drop-down menu, select "Enable".
Return to the window "Network connections". Right-click click the icon "Wireless network connection" and select "Properties".
In the opened tab select "General" and make sure that the flag is on the buttons When connecting show icon in notification area" and "Notify when limited or no connection".
Go to the tab "Wireless networks" in the same window.

If the tab "Wireless networks" in the window "Wireless network connection" - "Properties" for any reason is missing, click OK.
Enter the menu "start" select "settings" and go to "control Panel".

In the new window "control Panel" and double clicks on the icon "administrative tools" and "Services".

Make sure the service Wireless zero configuration is operational. Otherwise, double click the icon "Wireless setup" and in the new properties window, click the "start" button and OK.
Return to the window "Network connections". Right-click on the icon "Wireless network connection" call drop-down menu and go to "Properties".

Make sure that on the tab "Wireless networks" has a check mark on "Use Windows to configure network".
Click "Add" under "Preferred networks". Click on the tab "Connection". Enter MIAN in the column "Network name". Make sure that the button "Connect even if network is not broadcasting" check box is raised. Select WPA in the menu section "authentication". Select TKIP from the dropdown menu under "data Encryption". Check that the flag was raised on the button "Is a direct connection the computer-computer" and filmed on the button "access Points are not used".
Go to the tab "authentication" in the window "wireless network Properties". Select "Protected EAP" in the drop down menu EAP Type". Uncheck the button "authenticate as computer when information is available the computer." Make sure that the check box is not on the button "authenticate as guest when no information about the computer or user. Click "Properties".
Uncheck the button "Validate server certificate" in the window "Protected EAP properties". Check whether "Secured password (EAPMSCHAP v2) under "Select authentication method". Raise the flag on the button "Enable fast reconnect".
Click "Customize". Uncheck the button "Automatically use my logon name and password of Windows" in the Properties window EAPMSCHAP v2". Then press the OK button.
Click OK in the window "Protected EAP properties". Click on the tab "Connection" in the pop-up window "wireless network Properties". Make sure that the flag is raised on the button "Connect when this network is in range" and click OK.
Click OK in the window "Wireless network connection properties".
Names of buttons and tabs change slightly depending on the version of the operating system.
Useful advice
The improvement of operating systems the procedure for connecting to wireless networks easier and, perhaps, some of these steps will be unnecessary in your case.

Advice 2 : How to set up a wireless network on a laptop

Laptops are gaining more recognition in comparison with conventional desktop computers. This is mainly due to their mobility, compactness and ease of use. Not surprisingly, with the use of a laptop trying to abandon the wired Internet. Cable anchors your laptop to a specific place, thereby removing all of its advantages. But there are many ways to create a wireless network for laptop at home.
How to set up a wireless network on a laptop
You will need
  • Wi-Fi router
  • network cable (usually supplied included with the router).
Purchase a Wi-Fi router. It is not necessary to configure the wireless network, but this method is the easiest and most convenient. Select the router based on the capabilities of your laptop and the desired zone of signal propagation.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>
Connect the laptop to the router using a network LAN cable by plugging it into any free slot except the main. In the browser address bar enter // You will see the settings of the router. Set the password to access the router settings. Enter the connection settings to the Internet based on the requirements of your ISP.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>
Open the wireless settings Wi-Fi router. Specify the desired options for data transfer and encryption. It is best to use the network 802.11 n with encryption WAP-PSK or WPA2-PSK. This network supports high speed data transmission at a great distance, and encryption is considered the most reliable. Be sure to enter a complex password consisting of Latin letters and digits.
Restart the router, unplug the power for 20 seconds. Go to search for wireless networks on your laptop, select the networkyou just created and then connect to it by entering the password.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>
Useful advice
Always set strong passwords.
Router it is better to put in the center of the apartment, to provide a quality signal in all its parts.
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