You will need
  • drivers to Wi-Fi adapter.
Turn the laptop on the Toshiba and wait until the device is fully loaded. Activate the Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, press Fn and F8. When you work with certain models of laptops you need to press another combination. Button, activating the adapter, marked with a special symbol.
If you are unable to quickly turn Wi-Fi module, use the second option. Open the "start menu", clicking on the icon on the desktop. Go to properties of the item "Computer". In the ensuing window, select the menu "device Manager".
Open the submenu "Network adapters". Right-click on the icon Wi-Fi module. Select "Properties". Note the model number of the device. Open the tab "Driver" and select "Enable".
Visit the website Enter the model name of your mobile computer into the Search box. After the transition to the next page download the suggested software needed to operate Wi-Fi adapter.
Upgrade the drivers for the device wireless connection. Use the menu "device Manager". Restart the mobile computer after activating the adapter.
Try to connect to an available wireless access point automatically. To do this click on the networking icon that appears in the system tray. Select the appropriate wireless network. Click "Connect".
After the connection with the router will be prompted for a password. Fill in the field provided and click Ok. If after connecting to the device your laptop doesn't have access to the Internet, check the Wi-Fi settings of the module.
Open the list of network connections and go to properties of the wireless adapter. In the TCP/IP reset all the indicators, select "Automatically obtain IP address".