Neck braceor collar of Chance, designed for an average degree of fixation of the cervical spine and head. It relieves the neck muscles and restricts the mobility of the head. Use this device strictly according to prescription.
Pick the right size of collarfor this, measure the distance from the middle of the clavicle to the angle of the mandible. The resulting figure is the height of the neck and is the correct size. You can do it yourself, but in most cases the sellers of orthopedic shops themselves choose the right size bandage.
Wear collar directly to the body, the chin should ideally go into the correct cavity. Fasten the Velcro behind the neck so that the breath is not difficult, but in the meantime neck movement is limited. Ie, avoid too tight or the opposite - weak fixing of the fixture.
If you correctly picked up and put on collar, you will not be able to bend the head. Now remember, to examine something at the bottom, you will have to bend his whole body. So, if you need to tie a shoelace or do anything else like that, you better ask another person.
In bandagee extremely uncomfortable to drive. Now you can only turn your head with the trunk of the body, and that means you will not be able to look in the side mirror of the car. This is very dangerous, so at the time of treatment abstain from trips behind the wheel.
Bandage should from time to time to remove, in order to rest certain muscle groups. Check with your physician how frequently you can do it. In most cases, while wearing the collar of the Chance doctors recommend to take it every 2 hours for 30 minutes.
Obey all regulations in terms of the treatment of your disease with the help of the collar the Chance. If during treatment you have an unpleasant sensation of vertigo, "jumps" blood pressure and other symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.