To diversify your wardrobe and appearance to the woman will help the French shawl, which can be quickly and creatively to transform into a beautiful necklace. Choosing franton, pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. The fabric should be natural, soft and fit perfectly to the image of the face of the girl.

For the winter period choose scarves made of cashmere, cotton or wool, and in the rest of the year you can wear Franconi from chiffon, silk or viscose.

Ways of tying head scarves French

There are several ways how to tie franton. Knowing these ways will allow you to change your image, adding a new touch.

Throw a handkerchief on the neck so that the loop was on the left. Closest to the loop angle of francona pass through it and tighten securely, and then flatten the tip. Thus, the knot will be close to your neck.

One of the ways to tie a French scarf is called "fan". Put franton on her, take the farthest loop from the corner, then fold the entire scarf in half and thread through the loop. An elongated tip needs to spread and nice to fix.

Loop the scarf through the neck and the lower corner of the insert in the eyelet, pull it out and place on the side. So, the knot will be positioned away from the neck.

French scarves, you can make a small bow. Connect two opposite corners of the gusset plate and thread them through the loop, then extruded the parts spread in different directions. Secure the knot, and you have a beautiful bow.

French solitaire allows you to easily and simply make it a tie. To do this, take the bottom corner and then pull the scarf through the loop.

From tie easy to make a neck scarf. Fold the handkerchief in half diagonally and wrap the loop back and wrap the end of the neck, free angle attach to the loop.

What to wear a French scarf?

French scarves in bright colors (emerald green, blue, maroon) will help to create a feeling of lightness and a perfect fit in a closet romantic ladies.

For strict business suit choose frantoni beige, grey, dark brown or black color. Colored kerchiefs would be appropriate, provided that in your clothes at least one color will match the shade of neckerchief.

Quirky and catchy shades frontnov perfect for parties or holidays and will underline your individuality and creativity.