How to use a life jacket

When putting on a life jacket must adhere to the following order:
- fasten the product;
- tighten side straps;
- to ensure that the slings tightened and buttoned Buckley, lightning and fastex (fasteners for the connections of straps and slings);
- make sure the product does not RUB the neck, chin and armpits;
- check that it does not slip, if someone gets pulled over the shoulder straps;
- to ensure that it will not break the flow of water.

In addition, it is important that you feel the lifejacket is comfortable and convenient.

Need to periodically check the condition of the foam that is inside the product, return it to its original state after compression. If this happens, this sign indicates the approaching of aging, in which life jacket loses its beneficial properties (particularly buoyancy).

If the product is eventually no longer positioned close to the body and it is not correct even careful adjustment, to make the design of any improvements should not be alone. Then you need to buy another vest.

Recommendations for the use of a life vest

There are a number of recommendations that will allow you to protect yourself from unpleasant situations on the water, and also to extend the use of life jackets.

When selecting a product, pay special attention to its size. For example, he should be able to wear under the vest warm clothing in case of cold weather.

If you choose a life jacket for a child, put on his garment and fasten it. Then insert the hands under the shoulders of the vest and try to shake the baby out. If they could do that or ears and nose closed with a vest, you need to replace the product with another, smaller.

Make sure that the product was caused to your personal data: name, RH factor and blood group. Keep the vest only well dried and ventilated place. Do not dry the product over an open flame or using heating devices. In addition, it is not recommended to sit on the vest, and leave it in the boat after getting out of it.

If you flew into the water overboard, you need to make every effort to accept vertical position. If water were a few people, they should keep the group, because then they will be more noticeable. In addition, it is thus possible to keep warm.