Advice 1: How to wear the life jacket

If you have already purchased a life jacket, you are faced with the question of its proper use. Be aware that even such a seemingly simple procedure for donning of life jacket requires strict adherence to several rules. Only in this case, you can be sure that he will perform all the functions which he is required.
How to wear the life jacket

How to use a life jacket

When putting on a life jacket must adhere to the following order:
- fasten the product;
- tighten side straps;
- to ensure that the slings tightened and buttoned Buckley, lightning and fastex (fasteners for the connections of straps and slings);
- make sure the product does not RUB the neck, chin and armpits;
- check that it does not slip, if someone gets pulled over the shoulder straps;
- to ensure that it will not break the flow of water.

In addition, it is important that you feel the lifejacket is comfortable and convenient.

Need to periodically check the condition of the foam that is inside the product, return it to its original state after compression. If this happens, this sign indicates the approaching of aging, in which life jacket loses its beneficial properties (particularly buoyancy).

If the product is eventually no longer positioned close to the body and it is not correct even careful adjustment, to make the design of any improvements should not be alone. Then you need to buy another vest.

Recommendations for the use of a life vest

There are a number of recommendations that will allow you to protect yourself from unpleasant situations on the water, and also to extend the use of life jackets.

When selecting a product, pay special attention to its size. For example, he should be able to wear under the vest warm clothing in case of cold weather.

If you choose a life jacket for a child, put on his garment and fasten it. Then insert the hands under the shoulders of the vest and try to shake the baby out. If they could do that or ears and nose closed with a vest, you need to replace the product with another, smaller.

Make sure that the product was caused to your personal data: name, RH factor and blood group. Keep the vest only well dried and ventilated place. Do not dry the product over an open flame or using heating devices. In addition, it is not recommended to sit on the vest, and leave it in the boat after getting out of it.

If you flew into the water overboard, you need to make every effort to accept vertical position. If water were a few people, they should keep the group, because then they will be more noticeable. In addition, it is thus possible to keep warm.

Advice 2: What to wear to the exam

State exam is an important day in the life of a student. It is an occasion to demonstrate their professional competence, to prove to the teachers of the Commission and myself that the training time was spent not in vain. Remember: the exam is an event formal and serious, so dress should be accordingly.
What to wear to the exam

What style of clothes to choose for the exam

The state exam is an important day for the graduates, and teachers. To blight it can only be two things: ignorance and unkempt appearance. The first is corrected by learning the answers to the tickets, the second – the right kind of clothes.

Some Universities specified in the Charter, what to wear to the exam. As a rule, there are common requirements: the clothes are not bright, but not dark colors, no bright colors, length, mini, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Preferred suits, jackets with skirts/dresses knee length or slightly above, light blouses and shirts. If Charter schools do not give instructions what to wear to the exam, focus on conventionally-business style.

This style assumes that the appearance of the garment close to the classic, but it could be different cut, color, additional details. For example, the jacket may have an unusual finish or be made of cotton, not suiting. Instead of the usual shirts you can safely use a blouse with jabot, stand collar or a bow. Pants do not have to be the classic straight cut. Suitable, for example, narrow model, flared from the hip, breeches.

Clothing for the exam is important not only style but also color. The most relevant psychologists believe black, grey, brown, dark blue, Burgundy. As supplements you should use white, beige, pastel pink/blue, peach. Vivid detail (a striking scarf, brooches, necklaces, etc.) it is reasonable to use only if you plan to use only the head. The use of accessories and apparel with contrast trim is the best way to attract the views of the members of the Commission.

Suitable for exam ensembles

Conventionally business-like style offers to the graduates of the vast field of possibilities. From a wide range of things you can easily choose the best fitting and accentuate your strengths clothes. Just remember: you should feel comfortable.

Would look nice narrowed to the bottom of the skirt with the addition of the peplum and tucked in her blouse/shirt of thick cotton fabric. It is also possible with bottom classic cut knee-length. In this case, the top choose from the finish and, if desired, throw on top of a jacket or cardigan.

To wear to the exam can and dress. The best option is a simple box with a length just above the knees. On top of it use this elegant jacket or blazer. Remember the details: no matter how hot, be sure to wear tights/stockings.

Pants more comfortable and practical clothing. To pass the exam, choose a model with an easy fit. For example, pants from crisp cotton with a straight leg. As a top coat and use pododerm top or shirt/blouse with a classic vest.

If you want to put on more original models of trousers, be sure to analyze it for relevance. For example, when choosing fashionable skinny pants jacket/blazer should have an elongated style. In hot weather come to the aid of the shorts a classic cut of a thick fabric (always with tights). And remember: on the exam it is inappropriate to appear in leggings, tights, mini-skirts and jeans.

Pay special attention to the selection of shoes. The best option is flat shoes with round toe and chunky heel 3-6, see In color, they should complement the main outfit. You can also wear a neutral color ballet flats. Refrain from shoes, sexy shoes heels, sandals, etc.
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