You will need
  • Gel pens or markers for drawings on the body, stencils, sketches, drawings, hair, warm water.
Select the handle for printing. Of course, you can paint the skin and normal ballpoint or gel pen, as in the school at recess, provided that the noodles have no allergies. But it is unlikely that such maloestetichny pictures on the body of somebody really needs. However, this is a good way of training of drawing. There are special pens and markers for temporary patterns. They come in a variety of colors, with glitter and gloss effect fluorescent.
You can buy them either in online stores or in the art departments. Just do not try to ask for these pens in the store consumables for the tattoo – where you can be offended. Paste in these pens is hypoallergenic and is usually suited for kids, however if you do figure to a child, make sure that the handle is suitable for baby's skin – it must be written on the packaging. Don't forget to check out the pen on an inconspicuous area of the skin – make sure that there are no allergic reactions.
Come up with a sketch. You can take a ready-made stencil – offline they can find thousands. Print or draw the desired pattern, and carefully cut along the contours. So that the stencil does not slip on the skin and not move, fix it with patches. By the way, some sets of pens stencils already attached.
If you are using a stencil, then gently fill with pens or markers your skin and wait a few minutes to dry. You can do without the ready-made drawings and create your own. If you had an uneven line, then erase it with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. But to draw still try to gently, to the skin avoid divorce and irritation from too frequent washing.
Picture you can freeze hairspray, but again, check to see whether allergies. In any case, a long pattern on the skin will not last, and wash it with warm water and soap.