Advice 1: How to come up with a pattern for a tattoo

The tattoo is a permanent (persistent) pattern printed on the body with the method of local injury to the skin and adding coloring pigment in the subcutaneous tissue. It can be of different types, styles and purposes. Now tattoos are so colorful, stylish and story that, perhaps, they can already determine one of the types of avant-garde art.
How to come up with a pattern for a tattoo

Figures that it is better not to use

Before deciding on the tattoo must be clearly aware of: it will remain on the body for life. Bring it, of course, possible, but it is fraught with scars, burns, infections and other unpleasant consequences. Not to regret, better to abandon:
• any tattoos of the genitals or, even worse;
• the picture that came to mind in an inadequate state (intoxication, during a period of extreme joy or sorrow);
• images that have something in common with the school or the Institute, as after a while it becomes meaningful and not just useless;
• something is especially popular right now (emblems of musical groups, TV shows, images of heroes of films, books and comics).

Popular tattoos for ladies of the heart or beloved men. But, according to employees of tattoo parlors, the owners of just such figures often turn to the master a request to withdraw or alter a tattoo. Therefore, even if the relationship seems eternal, and the most serious intentions, it makes sense to think carefully about the feasibility of such act.

As for the inscriptions on the exotic and unfamiliar languages, here too things are not so simple. Before applying any phrase in your body, you should not just learn the translation, and to thoroughly examine its value. This is especially true of the various symbols in ancient languages and hieroglyphs that often have a double connotation.

How not to make the wrong choice

Start selecting a tattoo you must first with designs and story: whether it's just a beautiful drawing, lettering or a symbol. Do not chase the fashionable tattoos that hit the web page. It is better to distribute a sketch of yourself on the basis of its internal state, and to contact the webmaster with a request to improve the picture.

Then forget about the tattoo for some time, it may be several months or even a year. If after such a long period, the desire to put on a body this pattern has not changed, then, perhaps, you can go to the salon.

When choosing a tattoo, you must consider the site of application. This issue requires special attention. Better to figure out how a tattoo will look with different clothes, form, style. In addition, given the fact that the picture will remain on the body for life, you need to remember that sooner or later the skin will age and SAG. Will look good on a selected pattern on flabby and wrinkled body? Probably not. So best place for tattoo is the one where the skin stays elastic.

Tattoo – the question is very personal, even intimate. It is better to apply a tattoo in middle age, when people've had enough to know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. Then decorate his body is the pattern characterizing the character, talent, principles or dreams. Only in this case the tattoo is not just decoration, but a real life mascot and guide.

Advice 2: How to make a tattoo on the tongue

Tattoos are a very popular phenomenon. They have long ceased to be something geeky or a sign of deviant behavior, now it's just a trendy way to decorate their body. No wonder people are trying to experiment and do tattoos even on the tongue.
How to make a tattoo on the tongue

Tattoo on the tongue

Tattoo on the tongue is a fairly new trend in the world of fans to Express themselves through drawings on the body. Looks good the drawing is very impressive. It is not surprising that many people wonder about how much it hurts, durable and does not threaten any unpleasant consequences.

Of course, a tattoo on the tongue is still considered experimental phenomenon, and very few can boast a significant knowledge in this area. One of the advantages of a tattoo on the tongue is that if the owner of a painted language this, do not want, you will never see his tattoo. It's a very intimate kind of tattoo.

The process of applying a tattoo on the tongue

Contrary to widespread fears, the process of tattooing is not so painful, it is not very different from making a normal tattoo. The main feature is that the tongue is a muscle, and a layer of epidermis on it not too dense. That's why tattoo artists have warned those wishing to obtain a pattern in the language that the picture may be eliminated over time. The durability of the result, which is guaranteed on normal parts of the body, the language is somewhat dubious.

The procedure of applying tattoos in a language as follows. Before you start making a drawing, working efficiently, the master will reinforce the customer's language. Of course, it can be a little uncomfortable, but will have to wait. Then the same needle punctures the top layer of the epidermis and brings in the paint. Usually a tattoo on the tongue is applied very quickly, because the plot size is small.

The pain when getting a tattoo on the tongue is almost the same as when working with other parts of the body. Some of those who did this tattoo, they say that severe pain is not, and sensations, rather reminiscent of the tickling. This probably depends on individual sensitivity. Some faint from the pain if doing a tattoo on the back, and others can be "painted" in places where there is the most delicate skin, not remembering the procedure with a shudder.

What pattern to choose for a tattoo on the tongue

According to the advice of the masters, it is not necessary to chop the language is something very complex or multicolored. The specificity of the appearance of this body is that the simpler the design, the more spectacular it looks. The best option would be a monochrome pattern, reminiscent in its simplicity of Celtic ornament.

Tattoos on the tongue can be any color, but remember that language has its own color, which also must be considered.

Advice 3: Is it possible to make a tattoo in 14 years

Tattoo is a way to Express themselves, to decorate or to change your body. Many teenagers want with a tattooof irowiki to Express themselves, to protest. However, the tattooing in adolescence is not worth it.

Some of the obstacles

Tattoo can be done eighteen years of age, any adult person can simply go to the salon and to Express such a wish. To get a tattoo at a younger age, you will need not only the desire but also the parents ' consent, recorded in writing, in addition, have to present an identity document.

Mixing tattoo is quite painful and expensive procedure, besides, it is not always effective.

This alone can cool the desire to get a tattoo at fourteen to fifteen years, as parents it is quite difficult to persuade to take such a decision. But this problem is bureaucratic. Aware of technical issues is a serious argument against tattooing at an early age.

Fourteen or fifteen years — a time of rapid growth and hormonal changes. At this time, is still quite difficult to predict how to change the shape and proportions of a person. Therefore, even the most beautiful and detailed tattoo as such natural changes can "swim" to lose its appeal. To fix this may be difficult in the future, and such "overlapping" bad tattoo will result in a considerable amount.

A tattoo is forever!

In addition, many teenagers have very strong tastes and opinions, as a result, they often order aggressive drawings quite a large area. Over time, the views of people change as his views on their body and soul. So after twenty or twenty-five years, many people want to get rid of the tattoo, which was the result of hasty decisions, or again to change it. This is especially true of drawings, drawn on exposed parts of the body — hands, stomach, legs. This regular reminder of the dubious decision can be very annoying, besides, pictures can just be annoying, so better them in places that can be hidden under clothing.

While in search of his image, it is better to experiment with temporary tattoos.

You should also note that tattoos on visible parts of the body can change the perception of other people about their media. And if you wish to build a career in any serious Corporation or to do business, tattoos can seriously hinder you.

Hormonal changes — another reason not to do a tattoo in their Teens. Some tattoo artists believe that during these changes the body ink may not go properly or even cause allergic reactions. It is better to wait until adolescence and then apply the tattoo.
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