You will need
  • magazines with images,
  • pencil,
  • - the eraser
  • - a sheet of paper,
  • - money,
  • machine for a tattoo.
For a start, look through magazines, catalogs with pictures of tattoos, see the most interesting of them and note some points that need to be considered in this work. Draw the tattoo, using your individual style. These sketches will help you to analyze, assess yourself, and also will need in the future.
If you have a friend tattoo artist, then this is a great opportunity to get the master class, being present and watching the progress of his work. Generally you can ask about this service of any master, however it will require some material costs. The absolute advantage for you can become acquainted with the machine used for printing (if you insert in a holder for ink, a pencil, some time you can "feel" the device that will help you in the future).
Make a portfolio of your work printed on paper earlier, and together they go to conquer the tattoo parlors of the native city. Today, many of them provide the opportunity to study a period of several months. Of course, costs money you can not avoid, the tuition fee is quite large.
If you do not have the necessary material base, but there is undoubted talent, Director of tattoo parlor can meet you and provide free courses and subsequent testing. The specified option allows the early learning (it is in the interests of the employer). In the case where none of the paths for some reason no results are returned, try to visit as many different thematic workshops, to have the "necessary experience" and make a second attempt after a few weeks or months.
Submit your portfolio to as many people about their opinion, draw conclusions. In the salons showcase your work with confidence, showing an unwavering desire to learn. If you make a decent offer need to move, agree, because it would be a great start.
The courses try to listen carefully to the experts, do not miss theoretical and practical classes. At the end of the training you will provide for the work and how efficiently you do the job, impact your future (the main point here is to keep calm and a steady hand). Go to your goal with a confident gait, and then the result will be positive.