You will need
  • Lucky: frosted acrylic or polyurethane-acrylic, 2 brushes fleytsevye, pinene, painting, done with acrylic paints.
Painting acrylic, should be covered with varnish in a year after completion of work. Until that time, it must be protected with film or glass from dust and other contaminants.
Select a paint that will cover the picture. You can use polyurethane, acrylic or polyurethane-acrylic varnish. Make sure the product is fresh. The packaging must stand production date. Better if from the date of manufacture of the varnish was not more than 3 months. Use Matt varnish, because of the work, the acrylic does not need additional Shine.
Nail Polish select hammers finishing brush. Width of the working part of the tool should be from 50 to 100 mm, depending on the size of the covered work. Thick varnish should be applied with a brush with short bristles.
If before coating found traces of dust on the painting - clean the surface. Heat the varnish for ease of application. Do it best in a water bath whose temperature is 40 degrees.
Secure the painting on the easel. The light source should be on the right. Apply the nail Polish hammers finishing brush from top to bottom. Make smooth broad strokes. Brush strokes should be parallel to the bottom edge. Try to take a small amount of hairspray on the bristles to avoid streaks.
Take dry hammers finishing brush and raspolirovat varnish. Do it on the heels while the raw material. When you feel that brush lightly stick to the surface - finish raspolirovka. Excess Polish can be removed with a brush, slightly moistened in pinene.
Wait 15 minutes after work and set the picture face to the wall, tilted. If not to do, then wet painted surface adhere dust particles. While work is drying, avoid exposure to high temperatures and moisture.