You will need
  • - wooden door
  • varnish for wooden surfaces
  • - a small roller or brush
  • - cloth
  • - sander
  • - sandpaper fine-grained and coarse-grained
  • construction Hairdryer
  • - spatula
  • plaster on wood
You purchased a new door from a raw array, then work on removing the old coating you miss. Give the door a horizontal position. Put it on a stool, and on the floor podstolice Newspapers lacquer will not drip on your floors.
Restoration of the old door, remove it from its hinges and place on stools. Now you can clean the door from the old cover. If your door was painted, you will need a heat gun and putty knife. Remove coating in a well ventilated area, the smell of heated paint is very strong. Aim the Hairdryer on the work surface. From the hot air, the paint will start to bubble. Remove the paint with a spatula. Then the entire door handle a sander.If the door was covered with varnish, remove old paint with a sander or sandpaper.
If there are cracks or chips on wooden surface, apply putty. Pick up the putty so that it fits in color to the door. After complete drying the treated area, go over it with emery.
Pour paint from large cans into a plastic container with a ribbed edge so that it was convenient to wring out the excess varnish with a roller. Dip a foam roller into the paint, slide it along the edge of the tank. Evenly cover the surface of the door. Avoid drips. The Polish should dry completely. The door will be rough. Do not worry, as it should be.
Grab a fine sand paper and sand surface. The store sold a special holder for the sandpaper, not to hurt the hand. If you don't have such device, then take a wooden bar and wrap it with sandpaper. So it will be easier and easier to be grinded. A damp rag wipe off the wood dust with the door. Again cover with a layer of varnish. Posturite. For smooth coatings must be applied 3 to 4 coats of varnish.