Wild stone is a practical finishing material. It is inexpensive, has a presentable appearance, its surface is easy to clean. With natural stone you can decorate both the internal and external walls of the house. If the material of varnish, it will look more impressive: his face will become much clearer and the color brighter.

How to make the effect of "wet stone"

Finish basement and facade will be more attractive and interesting, if wild stone capping tool that provides the effect of "wet" surface. This property has a lacquer "Olympus". It is made based on acrylic and gives a translucent semi gloss. Lacquer can be used for internal and external decoration: it increases the frost resistance and water resistance finishing of stone, fills the smallest pores of its structure, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt. Olymp non-toxic, has antibacterial properties (prevents the development of mold and mildew), has a sharp odor.

Before applying a covering composition to prepare the surface finishing material. If dick stone has inclusions of lime, cement, plaster, to remove them it is recommended to use a wash by the same manufacturer: OLIMP. The tool is called "efflorescence Remover". After cleaning, you can begin applying nail Polish. You can work at the temperature not below +10C. The drying time of the coating is not more than 1 hour. Stone processing can be done with a brush or roller.

What a lucky cover wild stone

For interior decoration you can use a matte acrylic varnish "Tikkurila". To obtain different shades it is possible to add color. Cover finishing material you want as long as the varnish will not cease to absorb. It is best to spray it with an airbrush: the coating is uniform, fills the smallest pores. After 24 hours the varnish is dry, but if it was added color, a layer can easily acarapisosis.

To get a durable coating which cannot be damaged by sharp objects, you can use colorless, fast drying enamel for cars. It comes in the form of a spray, which is very convenient for stone processing. This treatment option natural stone suitable for external works. The enamel has a water repellent, durable and strong.

Instead of paint products you can use the treatment "on the basis of 2S". This product deeply penetrates the stone and is polymerized in the pores which provides good protection against moisture and abrasion. Surface covered with "Litorina 2C" not dark, not peeled. In addition to natural stone impregnation protects and strengthens the joints.