You will need
  • several aerosol cans of spray automotive lacquer;
  • - sanding paper;
  • - sticky tape.
Before spraying clean the car. Conduct the operation at temperatures above 12 degrees in a well ventilated area, protected from sunlight and wind. When performing partial varnishing, heat the area with sticky glue. In processing the wings, carefully glue the tires and dampers.
To remove old coatings sand the surface with sanding paper No. 360 with moisture. To hydrate constantly squeeze a wet sponge above the sanding. Submerge the sponge in water and completely let it soak up the water. Then do the final wet sanding abrasive paper No. 600. Also it grind edge Polish and spray lacquer. Remaining after it microscopic scratches almost not noticeable.
The polished surface is clean from grease and silicone cleaning liquid. This liquid will clean the surrounding surface with a width of 20 cm Note that on the border of the repaired surface and brand of varnish formed nodules. So try to place the repair was limited to the short cross-bar or the edge of the body. To prevent dust soak the floor with water.
Pre-practice coating. Make sure that is intended for coating the surface is dry and free from dust. If possible, clean it with compressed air. The spray can before using, shake vigorously for 3-5 minutes to prevent streaks. The first portion of the varnish put on some cardboard to remove deposited on the lifting tube of the metal particles.
When spraying large areas, apply the material cross is to start spraying off the surface and continuing to move the jet in the other direction, ending on the outside. A small area of space lacroute spiral, spinning it from outside to inside to avoid over-spraying. A can move with uniform speed and at the same distance from the surface (about 25 cm).
To execute a seamless transition to branded varnish, apply at least four overlapping strokes of the spray. Each coating should increase the previously deposited layer of 2-3 cm When spraying at close range, too slow or uneven movement of the spray of the imminent appearance of sagging.
Each subsequent layer is applied with 5-minute intervals for the evaporation of the solvent until then, until you reach sufficient varnish. After applying each layer, shake the spray can. At the end of work immediately remove all protective coatings. Dry the treated surface. To accelerate drying, use a strong photo - reflector lamps. Never use the fan.
Dry the nail Polish within 48 hours. Then carefully remove fog coated on adjacent surfaces with a soft Polish and a cotton swab. Polishing spend only in the longitudinal relative to the vehicle direction.